How to Download Viber For PC Windows 11/10/7 PC and macOS

How to use Viber for pc? There are lots of video and voice calling software over the internet and Viber is one of them and it has lots of features which will really satisfy you.

Have you ever imagined your life without technology for even a single day? Recently, without technology, we cannot spend an hour.

Do you know the cause behind that? Because of the technology-provide enhancements every day.

Nowadays, lots of people use different types of calling software except using mobile calling systems.

Do you know why? The main reason is cost. Another reason is people are getting lots of features here compared with mobile calling systems.

I think you already know about Viber but today we are going to know how to use Viber on your PC/Laptop.

What is Viber For PC?

Normally We use Viber on our mobile phone which we can download from our specific app stores. But now the matter is all about Viber for PC.

Yes, Viber also has software that can be downloaded from their website and can install directly on our computer easily.

Now you may think about why you need this on your PC?

First, during the video call, you’ll see a big display. Secondly, while you are working on your computer you can call by using your computer, no need to use your mobile phone at that time.

Features of Viber

Viber is filled up with lots of features which is the main reason behind its popularity. Let’s see some awesome features of this app!

Send Message

Like all other calling apps it has also a feature by which you can send messages. Not only text messages but you can also send photos, videos, or files. And the amazing thing is you can send recordings of your voice. You are going to get another amazing feature by which you can instantly record video and can send it to your friends, family, or anyone you want to send.

Make Voice and Video Calls

Every calling app has this feature but you will get something more here. You will get a crystal clear voice calling system here. You may watch HD definition video while on a video conference. The great part is that you may change phone calls to video calls at any moment.

Start Group Chats and Calls

Group chats and calls are very important in recent times. You can meet all family members or pals on the Internet. Even you can call a meeting with your colleague for professional purposes. In this pandemic situation, you can take or attend classes by Viber group chat feature.

Join Communities

Everyone has a passion or choice and they love to share their feelings with the same passionate persons. Especially for them, there are lots of public communities and groups in Viber. You can join your favorite one and can share your feelings or opinions about trends or about various types of topics.

Share Stickers & GIFs

Sometimes we cannot share our feelings using some words but we can express the feelings using Stickers or GIFs.In Viber, there is a huge collection of amazing Stickers & GIFs. Different Stickers share different emotions or expressions.

Create stickers & GIFs:

You can create your own stickers and GIFs. You may have a question that how is it possible? Yes seriously it is possible and Viber is providing you this awesome feature.

Delete & Edit seen messages

Sometimes we send messages to the wrong person unintentionally. Or sometimes we do spelling mistakes. Here is a dynamic option by which you can remove your sent message or can edit sent messages.

Set Disappearing Messages

Disappearing message is also a dynamic system of Viber. If you want to send someone a sensitive message like credit or debit card information then you can set a disappear timer. After the time exceeded the message will automatically remove.

End to End Encryption

End-to-end encryption means improved security. Modern days technology offers this algorithm to produce high-end privacy. User encryption secures his/her massage. Encryption keys are only available to app users. Nobody can see your communications, therefore—not even Viber.

Protected You All the Way

Messages are encrypted while transferring from your device to the receiver through the internet—no need to worry about unauthorized access to massage.

Trust Worthy Contacts

Check who you talk to by exchanging secret keys for identification. If the contact information change, Viber will notify you. Isn’t it too much user-friendly? Yes, Indeed!

How to Download and Install Viber on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC?

Now we are going to know all about downloading, installing, and uninstalling the process of Viber on our PC or Laptop.

Step 1

First of all connect your pc to the internet and open one of your browsers and visit Viber’s official website to download Viber software. Here am providing you the direct link to download it.

You can get an interface as like the image given below.

viber download page

Step 2

You’ll then see two download links, click them as required. A file is downloaded once the download button is clicked. You will find the file named VIberSetup.exe in your download folder. Carefully watch the image below.

viber exe file open

Step 3

Click on the downloaded file then you can see an install interface of Viber like the image given below. Then click on the Install button. Then you will be provided some terms and conditions pages, click on them and click on next. After that Viber will be installed on your computer completely.

click the viber install button

Step 4

You will receive a mobile number interface after installation. Please provide your number and your mobile phone will receive a verification code.

Provide the verification code and press ok and you are ready to use Viber on your PC.

viber verification code

Step 5

Now if you want to connect our Viber mobile with the pc version then watch the image below. You can see a QR code. Scan that QR code with your phone and you will be connected. All your mobile contact, and Viber messages will be synchronized there automatically

viber QR code to connect PC

Step 6

Now you are all done, You can see the interface like the image below.


You are all set now!  Viber is ready for your service.

Viber installed successfully on PC

How to Download and Install Viber For Mac PC or Laptop?

  1. First, go to visit the official download page Viber: Mac version download button
  2. Then click “Download for Mac” button to download the Mac version.
  3. Click on the file once it has finished downloading (at the bottom of your screen)
  4. Viber will open: drag the Viber icon into the Application folder
  5. You will be redirected to your Application folder: double click on Viber
  6. You may be asked to confirm that you’re downloading from a reliable source: click Open

How to Download Viber through Android Emulator [BlueStacks]

Lots of people feel comfortable with Android emulators and BlueStacks is one of the emulators. Now is time for how to use Viber on the Android emulator.

Step 1

It’s a simple process to do!

Download BlueStacks on your computer. Visit the official website of BlueStacks by clicking on the link:

After that, you can see an interface like the image given below. You will see a button named Download BlueStacks 5. Click on the button and wait for a while so that the file will be downloaded to your PC.

download BlueStacks for MX player

Step 2

Go to the download folder of your computer, where you see a file named BlueStacks 5, watch the image below to get help.

BlueStacks exe file open

Step 3

So now it’s time to click on the Install menu button. After that the installation process will start.

BlueStacks install button

Step 4

After successful installation, you will get the main interface of the BlueStacks 5 emulator. Like the image given below. This looks like an android phone interface:

BlueStacks Android emulator open

Step 5

Click on play store apps from your emulator. Then Google play store will provide you a sign-in interface. Insert your Gmail id and password to sign in to the play store.

BlueStacks gmail sign in

Step 6

After a successful sign-in search for Viber on the play store, You will get the result like the image given below. Click on install and wait a while.

Viber app install on BlueStacks

Step 7

After installation, open the apps and click on Start Now button to getting started.

Viber app click Start after install

Step 8

After that, you will get an interface in which you will be told to insert your mobile number there. Carefully insert your mobile number there and click on Continue.

viber app verification mobile number

Step 9

A verification code will be sent on your mobile phone by text message which will be a 6 digit number. Provide the number and automatically your registration will be completed for the mobile number you provided.

Viber verify code enter

Step 10

Finally you are ready to use Viber.

Viber app use on PC

So this is the complete process about how to download Viber and how to install Viber on your computer and emulator.

How to activate Viber on PC?

Everybody has a question about how to activate Viber on PC. You can active it by mobile number verification. Watch Step 4 from the topic How to use Viber on a PC/Laptop. We already discussed the activation process there.

Pros and Cons of Viber


  1. Crystal clear sound and HD video calling system.
  2. You can use one account in multiple operating systems.
  3. Viber is super secure for its end-to-end encryption system.
  4. Call all over the world without any mobile bill.
  5. Its notification system performs very well.


  1. One of the major disadvantages of Viber is, there is no call blocking system.
  2. You cannot use it without an internet connection on your mobile or computer.


1. Is Viber safe?

Answer: Yes, It is totally safe because it uses end to end encryption system to send data.

2. Can I use Viber without data?

Answer: No, you cannot use Viber without data.

3. Are Viber calls encrypted?

Answer: Yes, Viber uses end to end encryption system.

4. Can you tell if someone screenshots your Viber?

Answer: Yes, they will notify you about that.

5. How much recording time is available on Viber?

Answer: Maximum recording time is 15 minutes on Viber.

6. How to uninstall Viber from Windows PC?

Answer: Let’s talk about the uninstallation of Viber from your PC. We think you will feel comfortable with the software but if you don’t feel safe or comfortable with that you can easily uninstall the software from your computer. Just go to uninstall option from your computer then find Viber, Click on it and an uninstall button will appear in front of you. Click on that. You will get an uninstallation confirmation on your computer screen.

Uninstall Viber app from Windows

Final Word

People always want proper privacy and safety. Both of them are provided to you by Viber. Viber uses high-end security system to send any kind of data. That’s why nobody can see what you are doing on Viber. So, use it without any doubt.

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