How To

Shahana Akhter 02 October 2022

One of the best and most prestigious password organizers is LastPass. It remembers your password and grants you safe access. However, you might feel the need to end your association with LastPass and hunt for a replacement. So, how to delete a LastPass account? Visit with your preferred browser. Enter your LastPass username and [Read More…]


Ayaan Mizan 22 September 2022

Snapseed is a fantastic picture editing application that is available for both Android and iOS. This article is for you if you’ve ever questioned whether or not you can use the app on your personal computer (PC). Yes, you can able to use Snapseed for PC. Using the incredible tools and filters in the Snapseed software, [Read More…]

Social App

Ayaan Mizan 13 June 2022

Are you searching for a trustworthy app for communication and getting in touch with your friends and family? Then, WhatsApp is the right choice, which we would recommend to you. You would be happy to know that WhatsApp is the safest communication platform. It is a massaging app, but when you start to reveal it [Read More…]


Ayaan Mizan 07 March 2022

What Android emulator for your PC can support Bluetooth? Android-x86 can support Bluetooth connection (if your PC is equipped with Bluetooth capability). This means that you can join any Bluetooth device to the Android emulator and run it alongside it. It isn’t an Android emulator, but it’s an Android software specifically designed to run on [Read More…]


Ayaan Mizan 15 May 2021

Every Gamer wants the best android emulator for pc and laptops to play android games on PC. But they all are always confused due to lots of android emulators. So, in this article, we will see the best 7 Android emulators for your PC or laptop. What is an Android emulator? Android emulator is the [Read More…]

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