How to Download KMPlayer For PC on Windows 11/10/8/7

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KMPlayer stands for K-Multimedia player. It is a media player application for windows that can play videos in many formats like HDMI, MKV, VCD, DVD, AVI, Ogg, OGM,3GP, AAC, WMA7, WMV, RealMedia, and FLV.

You can play whatever you want without buffering in HD, 4k, 8k, FHD, UHD assist all types of formats.

Playback is a perfect application where you can play all types of videos without buffering and also without ads.

KMPlayer aims to protect the personal information of users. So the user can use KMplayer without taking any tension about their personal information.

In this application, users can use the service of KMPlayer without registering or signing up. KMPlayer does not collect any personal information for registering it collects information like service usage records, information about your device, etc.

What is KMPlayer For PC?

K-Multimedia player and is generally called as KMplayer or KMP.

KMPlayer is a world-famous application where you can play video, music, dramas, and whatever content you want to play.

In KMPlayer, you are able to play big files sharply, and also adjust the video screen and sound with the latest image process function.

KMPlayer For PC is a free application for watching movies and videos. And it is downloaded in Windows also.

Feature of KMPlayer PC

When it comes to selecting a media player that can support the aggregation of audio and video player format. KMPlayer has a lot of exciting features.

KMPlayer connects you directly with media on your PC at home with the use of KMP connect.

We can tell you some exciting features of KMPlayer.

So, let’s start:

Topnotch media file organization

Most of the users of KMPlayer locate their media files irregularly, and on the other side, some of the users may set their media library to be systematic. And they have separate folders for audio and video collections.

You can handle your audio and video file in KMPlayer with the help of a robust playlist editor. Also, you will be able to create your own playlist for your music and videos.

And making your own playlist is very simple, after opening the KMPlayer on PC, And after that, you will come to the music playlist.

For opening the “Add Library Setting window” you can tap on the import button which is present on the left side.

Now, tap on the “Add Library” and fill in your name and click OK.

Once you are done tap on the OK button for going forward to the “Add Folder Setting” steps, after that assign your folder to the library.

And you follow the same steps for music also.


KMPlayer gives a feature of the theme where you can find three types of the theme: one is classic, one is modern and one is VIP theme. Also, you will be able to run a VIP theme after buying a premium account of KMPlayer.

For using these features you can firstly open the KMPlayer application and go to the setting and you have to tap on the general and then you will get options of mode also then in this mode you have to select ‘system mode’, ‘dark mode’ and ‘light mode’ and after that, you have to select a theme.


Gestures are a great feature of KMPlayer. Gestures allow you to change things like Volume control, Brightness Control, Adjust video playback position, Zoom in zoom out, double-tap (play/pause), and double-tap (seek) when you are playing media.

Customizations of skin

This is one of the best features of KMPlayer where you will able to see the overall outlook of the KMPlayer interface.

In this, you can not only change the default skin but also change colors and download other skin also from the official marketplace KMPlayer.

Some key Features:

Internal codecs

You are able to enable built-in codec quickly and appropriately with any setting.

Supporting of diverse format

In KMPlayer support diverse formats like RTS, MPEG2, AAC, WMA7, and OGG

Function of Subtitle 

Subtitles are supported in SMI,ASS,SRT,PSB,S2K,SUB,TXT and LRC formats.

Function capturing a video

Capture desired video and audio in whatever format you want.

Multiple languages

KMPlayer supports 24 languages for KMPlayers users worldwide.

How to Download and Install KMPlayer on Windows 10 PC?

I can tell you the simple way to download and install KMPlayer for free on Windows 10 PC in a step-by-step process.

So, Let’s begin,

Step 1: Firstly, open start a browser and search on Google for KMPlayer and open the first link which is showing on your screen.

KMPlayer download official website:

Step 2: After that, click on the “PC 64X” button and then scroll down and you will find “KMPlayer 64-bit for Windows 64-bit“. Click on that.

Then tap on the “Download KMPlayer 64-bit” and wait till the download is complete.

KMPlayer Download for 64bit

If your operating system is Windows 32bit, you can download the same as 64-bit.

Step 3: Then open the downloaded installation .exe file to run the application and follow the instruction. Now choose the language which you know and then click on the “Next”  and then “I agree”  and then again click on the “Next” and after that click on the “Install” button. And wait till the installation is completed and then click on the “Finish”.

Step 4: And finally open KMPlayer.

KMPlayer open on your pc

And then enjoy the application!

How to Download and Install KMPlayer using Bluestacks Emulator

Now I will share with you the simple way to download and install KMPlayer using the Bluestacks emulator.

Even though the size of the application is big, all the things which you want to do under the KMPlayer are run very sharply without any lagging and all.

To download and install using the Bluestacks emulator follow the steps which are given below.

So, let’s start,

Step 1: Open Google and search for the Bluestacks website.

BlueStacks website link:

And click on the “Download Bluestacks 5” button which is showing on the screen And install the application.

Step 2:  After that, open the Bluestacks. Then click on the Google Play Store shortcut icon and sign in to the application with the information which is required.

Play Store get on home page of the BlueStacks

Step 3: And then search for the KMPlayer application and click on the “install” button.

Step 4: Then open the KMPlayer application and allow the required access. Enjoy it!

KMPlayer use on BlueStacks emulator

Advantages and Disadvantages of KMPlayer

KMPlayer has a highly advanced and clean interface.Sometimes, while playing any type of file in KMPlayer it can show a notification that the KMP is not genuine and it is harmful to your PC.
It is easy to use.When we fast forward to 5 sec it does not occur, it stays stuck at the same point, it does most of the time.
It supports many video formats.
One of the best features of KMplayer is the ability to download and play video from a browser or youtube after only putting the URL.
Using KMPlayer you can do basic editing also.
Video capture is also a great feature of KMPlayer.


We have covered almost all questions which is asked by the people

1. Is KMPlayer free for PC?

Answer: Yes, KMPlayer is free for PC, you can download it from the official site of KMPlayer.

Follow the steps which are given above for downloading and installing KMPlayer on your PC.

2. Is KMPlayer safe to install?

Answer: KMPlayer has many more will install unwanted things also in your system, which makes your system slow.

3. Which is better, KMPlayer or VLC?

Answer: VLC is better than KMPlayer because VLC has interior advanced tech support which is most great to KMPlayer. VLC takes system resources how many they need.

4. Which is the best version of KMPlayer?

Answer: The latest version of KMPlayer (i.e. 31.06.020 version) is best because It sorts problems like

  • Stabilization of third-party media linkage
  • Pop-up player stabilization

Final word

From this article, you will get a brief idea of- What is the best way to download and install KMPlayer on your PC?

I hope you understand the installation process and still if you have any doubt then feel free to comment below we will surely get back to you.

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