Kinemaster For PC – Download For Windows 10/8/7 or Mac

So, today you are looking for Kinemaster for pc and that’s why you are here. Kinemaster is one of the richest video editing applications which has lots of features to edit a video with a professional touch. You can edit short to large any kind of video with this app professionally.

The slow-motion effect, different types of audio effects, text, and animations can be used very easily on this mobile application. The amazing thing is you can use this application in both android and ios operating systems.

What is Kinemaster for PC?

People love to use different types of mobile apps on their computers. Lots of people search for the Kinemaster PC version to use on their computer. But unfortunately, Kinemaster has no pc version.

There is a way to use Kinemaster on your windows 7-10 operating system computer. As it has no PC version so you have to take the help of an android emulator to use this app on your computer.

You may think about the minimum configuration requirement for an android emulator in your computer, right? Windows 7-10 or any basic kind of Mac OS and a minimum of 2GB of ram with a graphics card is enough to run Kinemaster on your pc by an android emulator.

Why use KineMaster on your PC?

We all know that a large screen can provide more details of an image. Professional video editing is not so easy task on a mobile phone because it has a small screen. So, if you want a professional look then you must need a PC.

Kinemaster is the best choice for every video editor or filmmaker. You already know that it has no PC version. We already told you that you need an android emulator to use on the computer. Kinemaster is our recommendation because you will hardly find any video editor like this one which has a rich library to edit videos professionally. That’s why you need to use Kinemaster on PC.

Key Features of Kinemaster

The kinemaster has a rich editing library that provides lots of amazing features. We made a list of features here for you.

  • Awesome Assets: There is a library of KineMaster which is filled up with various types of effects, Stickers, Music, and various types of font. You can pick them to attach to your video.
  • Get Projects: KineMaster has lots of projects, that are totally free for you. You can add effects to it and can use it for yourself.
  • Backup & Share: This feature provides you options to take backup of your edited video. You can also share your edited video with people so that they can edit and use it for themself.
  • Blending Mode: Blending mode allows you to give your video or image an artistic effect. KineMaster has 8 different types of Blending modes.
  • Reverse: The reverse feature provides you the ability to make focal shifting, in-camera transitions, and to do turn time around.
  • Chroma Key: The chroma key allows you to composite two or more videos using an alpha mask preview.
  • High Resolution: f you use a high-quality camera that has the ability to capture high-resolution video with better fs then KineMaster can edit them with 4k 60fps quality.
  • Video Layer: You can layback up to Nine videos at a time using the video layer. It is also possible to attach text effects using this super feature.
  • Introducing real-time recording; The recording of an audio or a video in real-time is possible with KineMaster. You may add or change the whole video immediately without completing the grabbing procedure. This program also facilitates the addition of numerous audio tracks.
  • Flexible and easy adaptation tools: As well as audio and video recording in real-time, KineMaster allows users to modify the footage’s saturation, luminosity, and colors. You can create a calm and consistent ambiance in your movies using modification tools and settings.
  • Integrations with social media: You may use KineMaster to immediately share your videos on social networking sites if you are seeking a video editing program. It is meant to support the creativeness of publications, advertisers, influencers, experts, and others. Furthermore, in real-time, your videos can reach your target audience.
  • User-Friendly Mobile Video Editor: KineMaster is the on-the-go video editor that provides you with several tools to create great and professional videos. This smartphone software allows you to work on and apply your ideas in all situations and places to your films. This will provide hassle-free editing every time.

How to download and install KineMaster for PC?

Now we are going to discuss the most awaited thing which is how to download and install KineMaster for PC. In this case, we need to take the help of an android emulator because Kinemaster doesn’t have any PC version. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure of downloading and installing the app.

Step 1: You may know about BlueStacks which is a popular android emulator. Download it from its official website and install it.


BlueStacks Download page

Step 2: Now you need to download the Pro Mod Apk of Kinemaster, Just click on the link below to download the app.

Step 3: After the download is complete open BlueStacks. You can see a button on the right side named “APK”. Click on it or you can directly press Ctrl+Shift+B key on your keyboard.  And go to your download folder and select the “Pro Mod Apk of kinemaster” and Open it in BlueStacks. Also, you can drag and drop the apk on BlueStacks.

Upload Kinemaster Apk on BlueStacks

Step 4: After a while installation will be completed and you can see Kinemaster on the home page of your emulator and windows desktop screen. Click on it.

Kinemaster icon show on BlueStacks home

Step 5: After the installation, open Kinemaster app. Then for the first time, Kinemaster maybe want to access some if required, give allow those access. And finally, Kinemaster will be opened on your PC. Now edit your project as your mobile phone editing interface.

Edit video on kinemaster using BlueStacks

How to upload media on Kinemaster using BlueStacks?

When you go to edit videos with Kinemaster of BlueStacks, you can’t upload videos or images to Kinemaster like your mobile phone app. For that, you need to take the help Media Manager of BlueStacks. How to upload videos or images using Media Manager of BlueStacks :

  1. Open BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Then go to Media Manager.
  3. Now you will found an import option. That’s called “Import From Windows“. Tap on that, and select your video or image from your computer which you want to edit. Import file from Media Manager of BlueStacks
  4. And then file upload will be loading. Upload times depend on the size of your file. Just wait to complete.
  5. After the import file. Open Kinemaster > Then you will see a SharedFolder on the right top. Click on it > Now in that folder, you will find imported files (videos/images). Then choose you video which you want to edit. open video from SharedFolder on Kinemaster from BlueStacks
  6. The selected video is open in Kinemaster. Edit your video as your needs, and export the video, when it’s done.

How to Download Kinemaster on PC without Emulator?

Many people do not like downloading and installing emulators on computers, they ask for the PC version of Kinemaster. But unfortunately, Kinemaster didn’t launch any version for computers.

So, if you really need to use Kinemaster then you must need to install an Android emulator first otherwise there is no way to use it. In that case, you need to use any other video editing software for your computer.

Using Kinemaster on PC with Emulator Pros and Cons

Every application must have pros and cons, Kinemaster has also. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of kinemaster which is given below:


  • Real-Time recording
  • Flexible adjustment tools
  • Videos with multi-layer
  • Integration of different types of social media
  • User friendly
  • Mobile Video editor


  • You need a good processing ability of your mobile.
  • There is no PC version of the Kinemaster video editor

How To Use Kinemaster for PC?

Let’s talk about how to use Kinemaster on PC. Here you can see step by step guide about that.

Creating a new project: Open the app, you can see an option named to create a new project. After clicking on the button you can see some screen ratio. Choose the best one for you can click. Now you can add media files to add different types of effects like voice, animation.

Creating a new project on BlueStacks

Trimming videos: Select the video that you want to trim. After selecting it will look yellow in color. On the right, you can see a menu named scissors. Click that and you can see different trimming options there. Now select which area you want to trimmed and click on the checkmark, your video will be trimmed successfully.

Add text on video: Import your desired video and click on the layer option from the menu bar. Now choose the text option and type your desired text and tap ok. You can see that your text is playing on your video. You can make it small or big if you want.

Kinemaster Add layer to edit video

Add music or voice to the video: First of all, you have to store the desired music or audio file on your computer. See there is a music icon, tap on it and choose your desired audio file. Now tap on the red plus button to confirm it. After confirmation, your audio will play on your video.


. Is Knemaster has any security issue?

Answer: Kinemaster is a huge ap and they started their business a long time ago and still now there is no security or privacy violation report against them, so we can say that use the application without any tension of security.

2. Can I remove the watermark in Kinemaster?

Answer: There are two versions of Kinemaster, One is a free version and another is paid. In the free version, you can use its feature but you will get a watermark on your video. If you want to remove that then you need to use the Kinemaster pro version. If you don’t want to use the pro version then you can find the Mod application available on the internet.

3. Is it safe to install KineMaster Mod APK?

Answer: Mod APK means cracked apk of the premium version. That means you can enjoy all the pro features of an application using its MOD version. Lot’s of people using it but we cannot say it totally safe because it is a modified version of premium apk.

4. How do I pay at Kinemaster?

Answer: If you want to buy the pro version then you need to make a payment for Kinemaster. There are two ways to pay them. You can use your debit or credit card to make a payment using their payment gateway on the app. Or you can buy a play store gift card to pay them via the app store.

5. Which is the latest version of Kinemaster?

Answer: The owner of every successful application always try to upgrade their applications with new features. They also fix bugs in the previous version. Based on this report we suggest you use the latest version always to get a better experience.


Kinemaster for pc is a very lightweight and simple app that can provide you high-quality editing facilities which no other application can provide.

We discussed the download and installation process of the kinemaster on your computer and also described all the features and step-by-step procedures of basic video editing. Read them carefully and enjoy making new videos.

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