How To Cancel or Delete Pixiv Account in 2022

The malicious clone site Pixiv has caused a lot of trouble in Japan. The data for the site came from the artist community site Pixiv, which was copied without permission. In response to Pixiv. Pixiv users are adding “magic words” to their profiles to get their account pages removed from the clone site.

Users can post or look at illustrations, manga, and novels on Pixiv, a service. Since it started in 2005, the number of people who have signed up has kept growing, and it is a famous site in Japan to post creative works. vpixiv is a copy of pixiv. It copied all of Pixiv’s data and user profiles and let people view the content without having a Pixiv account. At one point, Pixiv users started marking their content as R18, making it impossible to see unless logged into Pixiv. But this caused many problems, including the tag no longer working how it was supposed to on Pixiv. The magic words come into play at this point. As a result, many users want to learn how to delete Pixiv account.

What is Pixiv?

Pixiv is the most widespread art community in Japan, with millions of unique monthly users. It is popular among manga artists, particularly manga artists and illustrators that work professionally. Pixiv provides the opportunity to expand your audience and network with industry leaders.

Pixiv began as a small online community centered in Japan but has now expanded to include more than 50 million artists from all around the globe. It is often commended for having “superior” art to other art-sharing networks. When a fan submits a request, they may tick the “Request anonymously” option to send it without disclosing their account details. If you ask for work without giving your name, neither the creator nor other users will know who you are.

Pixiv Community

In 2007, Pixiv began as an attempt to build an online community for Japanese artists. Takahiro Kamitani, who made Pixiv, quickly realized that there was a much bigger need for such a community than he had thought. After only two weeks, 10,000 people were using the site, and it just kept growing. As of now, more than 50 million people use Pixiv every month, and their products can be found all over the world and in many languages.

The company’s goal is simple: they want to make a space for creators that is open to everyone and fun to work in. By creating products for all kinds of subcultures and visual art, Pixiv hopes to build a community that spans the whole world and, in the end, brings people closer together.

The company has 170 employees in total, and 100 of them are developers who work on iOS, Android, and the main web-based version of the site. It’s also not a coincidence that they are so passionate about what they do since many of the company’s employees are also creators who make the pixels that make Pixiv what it is.

Why would people delete your Pixiv account?

The biggest reason is, in 2007, Pixiv was banned in Japan for the malicious clone of this site. A clone of this site started sharing sensitive and some adult videos. Another reason is that time the malicious site collected all information of the Pixiv users at that time, including their personal info. Then people lost their belief in it and felt insecure about being hacked. Then they started deleting accounts. But nowadays, over 50 million people use it. 

Yet there can be personal issues for some people who want now to delete Pixiv accounts. This article is for them with a proper direction of how they can delete it easily.

How To Delete Pixiv Account Using Email

Follow these instructions, and you’re ready to go:

  1. Open the Gmail app or type “” on any browser.
  2. Put there (Pixiv) support email “[email protected]
  3. Click on “Write” in the upper left corner.
  4. Include a compelling subject line, such as “Requesting to delete my Pixiv account.”
  5. In the body, explain what’s going on with your account and give them real reasons why you want it deleted.
  6. Remember to say your name, email, username, or the URL of your profile. These might make it easier for them to find you.
  7. After that, you should go back and proofread your entire email.
  8. The final step is Sending. Press the Send button.How To Delete Pixiv Account Using Email

How To Delete Pixiv or Log Out Account Through The Android app?

You can’t delete Pixiv account through the android app.

But you can log out from your account.How To Delete Pixiv Account Through The Android app

  1. Install the Pixiv application from a convenient app store.
  2. Then tap on this icon.How To Delete Pixiv Account Through The Android app 1
  3. Then settings.How To Delete Pixiv Account Through The Android app 2
  4. Then tap on log out option.How To Delete Pixiv Account Through The Android app 3
  5. Then tap ok.How To Delete Pixiv Account Through The Android app 4

Delete Pixiv Account Via the Website

Once your account is deleted, all your information, like bookmarks and artwork, will be gone for good. After two weeks, you won’t be able to sign up for another account with the exact email address as the one you just deleted.

If you want step-by-step directions on how to delete a Pixiv account, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Then “My Account” tab is at the top/higher of the screen.Delete Pixiv Account Via the Website 1
  3. Click the Settings.Delete Pixiv Account Via the Website 2
  4. Tap on help.Delete Pixiv Account Via the Website 3
  5. Search “i want to delete my Piziv account.”Delete Pixiv Account Via the Website 4
  6. Then tap “leave pixiv.”Delete Pixiv Account Via the Website 5
  7. Now tap “leave pixiv.”Delete Pixiv Account Via the Website 6

And it’s done.

Canceling your Pixiv subscription on your Android device

To cancel your Pixiv membership on Android, you must first understand that you need more than remove the Pixiv app. Take the following steps:

  1. To begin, go to the Google Play Store. If you have many, check that you’re logged into the correct Google account.
  2. Navigate to “Subscriptions” by clicking on the menu.Cancelling your Pixiv subscription on your Android device
  3. Choose the Pixiv subscription you want to cancel and “Cancel Subscription.”Cancelling your Pixiv subscription on your Android device 1

After your Pixiv membership is removed from Google Play, any future subscriptions will be terminated and not renewed.

How can I locate a person’s Pixiv ID?

There is no one-size-fits-all response to this issue since the method of determining someone’s Pixiv ID differs based on the account settings and preferences of the individual user. However, other methods for locating someone’s Pixiv ID include the following:

  • Searching the site for their username or profile name.
  • Browsing their public gallery uploads.
  • Utilizing a search engine such as Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to retrieve a deleted Pixiv account?

You cannot, unfortunately. After many weeks after the account was deleted, the email address linked with it may be used again. Existing accounts on Pixiv and Pixiv Sketch must be removed before a previously used email address may be registered again.

How can I remove a Pixiv work?

There is no one-size-fits-all response to this topic since the deletion procedure varies based on the works being removed and the account removing them. However, some basic suggestions for deleting works on Pixiv include utilizing the “delete” button on each work’s profile page, following the steps provided by Pixiv in its deletion guide, and confirming the deletion by clicking “yes” on Pixiv’s confirmation message.

Is it possible to be banned from Pixiv?

Yes, it is possible to be banned from Pixiv. People can be excluded from Pixiv for several reasons, such as breaking the site’s rules, harassing other users, or posting inappropriate content.

Is an account required for Pixiv?

To look around the website, you must sign up for a free account. Pixiv’s main idea is for people to share their art illustrations. Most types of photography are not allowed, but creative writing is.

Can I modify my Pixiv ID?

You can alter your Pixiv ID, yes. Visit and log in to do this. Click “Your Account” in the home page’s top/higher right corner. Click “Change Profile Picture” under “Profile” on the next page. Click “Upload” after selecting the picture you wish to use.

Is Pixiv net illegal?

Adult videos and art that violent sexual crimes are looked down upon in Japan the same way they are everywhere else. But drawing it instead of taking a picture is not against the law.

Final Words

Pixiv was a popular Japanese social networking site where members could post photos and drawings. However, the site stated in early 2018 that it would be closing down. We have supplied you with a step-by-step tutorial and explained all the actions you need to take if you want to cancel or delete your account on the Pixiv platform. So, follow the same steps outlined above to delete Pixiv account.

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