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Google Lens

Google Lens is an AI-powered technology that uses the camera on your phone and deep machine learning to identify an object in the Lens of the camera, comprehend it, and perform actions like scanning, translating, shopping, and many more. So, how to use google lens for PC Windows?

Lens was one of the most significant announcements by Google in the year 2017 and was the feature was a Google Pixel exclusive feature when the phone was launched. Since the time, Google Lens has come to most Android devices. If you don’t already have it, this app can be downloaded from Google Play.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens enables you to use your phone to point at something, like an exact flower, after which you can ask Google Assistant what object you’re looking at. It’s not just a matter of getting an answer to the question; also receive suggestions based on the object, such as nearby florists, for instance, if you’re looking at flowers.

Some other examples of the things Google Lens can do include the ability to snap an image from the SSID sticker on the rear of the Wi-Fi router, following which your device will instantly connect to the Wi-Fi connection without performing any other action. There’s no need to go through the kitchen cupboards to figure out the password as you type it into your phone. With that, you can point and shoot.

Google Lens will also recognize cafes, restaurants, clubhouses, and bars and present the user with a pop-up that displays reviews, address information, and opening hours. It’s the ability to recognize ordinary objects that are amazing. It can detect an individual hand and then suggest thumbs up as an emoji which can be fun. However, point it towards an object, such as a drink, and try and determine its meaning.

We tried this feature using a glass of white wine. It didn’t even suggest white wine, but the app recommended an assortment of other alcohol-based drinks. Then, you can click through to find out the characteristics of each and how you can create them, and so on. However, although Lens is quick and smart, it’s not always correct.

We’ve also tried it on a wide range of plants and discovered it to be an extremely useful method to find the plants you’ve grown.

Key Features of Google Lens

In addition to the scenarios previously mentioned, Google Lens offers the following options:

  • Translate:  you can use your phone to scan text and watch it translate directly in front of your eyes using Google Translate plugging in. It can also work offline.
  • Smart Text Selection (STS): With Smart Text Selected, you can shoot your phone’s camera at text and then highlight that text in Google Lens and copy the text to paste onto your phone. For instance, you could imagine that you are pointing your phone towards a Wi-Fi password and then being able to copy or paste it into a screen for Wi-Fi login.
  • Intelligent Text search: If you highlight text using Google Lens, you can also search for that text with Google. This is useful when you have to find a term’s definition.
  • Shop: When you come across an item you like while out shopping, Google Lens can identify the dress and other similar clothing items. It works for almost everything that you can think of. For shopping reviews or even shopping.
  • Google Assignments Questions: That’s correct. You can go through the question to see what Google can come to.
  • You can search around: When you aim your camera towards your body, Google Lens will detect and pinpoint the surroundings. This could be detailed on a particular landmark or information on the types of food available – including recipes.

How does Google Lens work?

Google Lens app

Google has a standalone application for Android to access Google Lens to allow you to immediately access the features. It is possible to access Google Lens through various other ways listed below.

Experience is identical regardless of the method you choose to use when you tap on the Lens icon within Google Assistant will take you to the same interface that you can access directly from the Lens application.

Google Photos

In Google Photos, Google Lens will identify landmarks and buildings, for example, and provide the user with routes and hours of operation for these locations. The app also provides details about a well-known work of art. Perhaps it can resolve the issue of whether Mona Lisa is smiling or not.

If you browse your photos within Google Photos, you’ll see the Google Lens icon near the lower right of the screen. Clicking on it will be able to see the scanning dots appear on your Image, and Google will offer suggestions.

Camera app

Google Lens has been directly added to a few Android cameras on phones. It could be found within the “More” section; however, it may depend on the model and the user interface.

On the iPhone

You can download it using the Google App if you want to use Google Lens on the iPhone. This app offers a wide range of Google services native to Android devices. After you’ve installed the app, navigate over to Google Lens, go to the Google Lens section, grant permission to Google Lens for access to your iPhone camera and then go to enjoy all of the features mentioned above.

How do you activate Google Lens on Chrome?

Launch Google Chrome from your PC. Enter chrome: //flags into the search bar, then press ENTER.

activate Google Lens on Chrome

Use the keys CTRL+F on your keyboard to display the search bar with words.

Enter Google Lens in the search bar, and then look for the “reporting” or “Search your screen with Google Lens” flag.

Choose the “Google Lens” flag “Search your screen with Google Lens” flag.

NOTE: In the most recent version of Google Chrome, the default setting is identical to the enabled one.

Click Enabled.

How to use Google Lens on Windows 11/10/7 PC and Mac?

Let’s look at how you can utilize Google Lens to scout the web for images closely connected to a particular Google Images.

Start Google Chrome from your computer and then go to, then Click on the Images option in the upper-right corner of your browser window.

or you can directly visit this Google Images link:

Search the bar to locate the Image you’re looking for.

Select the Image you would like to include in Google Lens by clicking on it. The Image will open in the correct plane of the browser window.

Click on the Google Lens icon at the correct location.

Google Lens will now highlight specific locations or areas of interest using a rectangle with clear corners.

Below the image, you can find pertinent information regarding your selected area.

You may also scroll further down to locate pertinent Visual Matches.

Be aware that the area you select is crucial as changing it may cause you to lose all (refer to the image below) is not in control and can result in incorrect results.

How to Download and Install Google Lens app on your PC?

Step 1. Download and install an Android emulator on your PC

Google Lens has no official software version for PC. It’s a web-based function. But we can use on PC Google Lens App with an Android emulator. You can get access to all Android apps on your PC through an emulator. There are many popular Android emulators available, for example, BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, MEmu, Andy, etc.

Choose your best emulator, then download it and install the emulator on your computer by clicking the install button and following on-screen instructions.

Step 2. Open the emulator and go to Google Play Store

Open the installed emulator and download the Google Lens app from Google Play Store inside the emulator. [There like you download any other Android apps from Play Store on your phone.]

Step 3. Install Google Lens app and use it on your PC



Utilizing Google Lens for PC, you can carry out all of these actions. You can also perform this by using the Google lens application on your phone.

Google Lens is available in the apps Assistant and Photos for Android and iOS devices. The app is still rolling out for users to make sure to check frequently in case you’re not yet using it. If your device is running up-to-date for Google Lens, simply click on the Google Assistant icon on the lower right-hand edge of the screen, or leave a swipe on any picture. Then, you can choose Lens from the drop-down menu in the menu under “More”.

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