Snapchat For PC | Download on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

Snapchat is a fast and fun way to share the moment with friends and family 👻

What if we can communicate with each other through image or video sharing?

Are you searching for the best quality of socializing or communicating app where only boring words are not the only way to communicate? Then, “Snapchat” is the platform that can fulfill all these features and offers individuality.

Are you a PC lover or most of the time do you work on the PC?

Then, you should know how to use Snapchat on your PC easily. We are going to let the cat out of the bag about the process of installing Snapchat on your PC. You will see it is a piece of cake to get Snapchat on your desktop or laptop. So, stay tuned.

What is SnapchatFor PC?

Snapchat is one of the biggest socializing platforms. In this marvelous and smart platform, you will find every part of it cool and user-friendly. So, why is it different from another medium? Initially, Snapchat was a private communication place where people shared pictures. But now it goes further with its big supporting community. You can send messages, videos, short videos, images as well. Moreover, you can do live video chat, and creating a caricature.

What else will you find on Snapchat? Then, make a list. You can share the chronological story that will found by your followers. You will find the caricature that likes“Bitmoji” incarnation. Besides that, the “Discovery” part will show you the showcase of the major publishers. Isn’t it amazing!

For PC, Snapchat doesn’t have special or different features. But imagine you are at work on PC. But you need to communicate through Snapchat. Isn’t it a problematic way to work on a PC and then go for your mobile phone? Isn’t it a great time-killing process? So, you should have Snapchat on your PC as soon as you can. It eases your work on your lovable PC.

App info of Snapchat

snapchat for pc icon

App NameSnapchat
Google Play linkSnapchat
Reviews Rating4.3
DeveloperSnap Inc
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last Updatedyesterday

Features of Snapchat

Snapchat is a unique social media platform where you can get different types of features and activity than other. Moreover, you can express yourself differently. You will find exciting features in Snapchat. So, let’s dig into what you will find in Snapchat.


Do you need special sounds and effects for getting more fun? Then, you will get the Lenses in Snapchat to add augmented extra sounds and effects based on reality. For this feature, you have to go to the camera option in Snapchat. Then you have to press and hold the capture button for appearing according to your face on the camera. Then, you will get the lenses. Select your choicely one and press the capture.


You can add the filters on your snap. You will find more filters you can add. On the preview screen,after snapping you will see the different filters. In this feature people like different colored filters, weather, current time, speed overlays, and many more. Geo filter is also available for Snapchat. Do you know what is Geo filters? They are for a specific location. These relate to the trending things of the individual location.


With the massaging platform, Snapchat improves communication. After swiping the camera screen to the left to right you will find the chatting section. Here, you can make a video call, audio call also. Sharing snap and Bitmojistickers are available for this section. Besides that, the send money option is in the chatting section.

Snap Map

Sharing the location is possible with the Snap Map feature. If you want to share your location with your followers and friends, then, Snap Map is the answer. On the other hand, you will get the locations of your friend. You also select not to show your location if you want privacy.


Do you need the news from the big companies? Then “Discover” section will help you out. At the right side corner of the camera screen, you will find the “Discovery” section. Discover all the new brand’s news and update with Snapchat.


A scannable code is used for adding the new friend. It is a very easy way to make a friend. If you flash your camera on any Snapcode then, you can add him/her to your friend list. The process is not like other social media where you need to send a request or accept the request. You will find that the Snapcode is like the QR code. Just scan it and make a friend.


Do you want to save special memories? Then, the “Memories” section of Snapchat is for you. You can take the screenshot of the snaps to the Memories section for another look. The process is basically, storing your memories on the Snapchat cloud. Also, the feature allows you to access the media storing locally. Every snap you take you will find the option to take that on the “Memory” section.

How to use Snapchat on PC?

As Snapchat has a great communication medium so it is very much appreciable on any device you want. Thinking to use Snapchat on PC you can have many questions in your mind. First of all, you need to know that Snapchat does not have any PC version or you cannot use Snapchat on any browser. So, what is the solution?

Relax buddy. You can get the emulator for creating the environment for Snapchat on your PC.

In his process, you can use any of the emulators. But we recommend you to use BlueStacks or LDPlayer. Below we discussed the extensive steps for these two different emulators. So, follow us.

How to Download And Install Snapchat on Windows Or Mac PC? 

Without an emulator, you cannot get Snapchat on the PC. So, relying on the emulator is the ultimate way. Here, we will discuss the two methods to install Snapchat with two different emulators, BlueStacks and LDPlayer. As you preferring you can choose one of the emulators for your PC.

Method 1: BlueStacks Emulator

As we said previously that you cannot use Snapchat without the emulator, so we are showing now you how to install Snapchat in the BlueStacks emulator.

Step 1:

First, you need to download the BlueStacks installer file. Before downloading Bluestacks, check from here their System Requirements. Go to BlueStacks official website, there you will get a download button that’s “Download BlueStacks 5“. And click on the button.

Here is the download link:

BlueStacks Download page

Step 2:  When the download processing is complete, then you have to open the installer file and you will see Install button. Press the install button.

Step 3: You will see that the installing process takes some time to properly installing the BlueStacks.

BlueStacks installation process

Step 4: After finishing the installing you will get the home page of the BlueStacks. On the home page, you find the Play Store. Click the Google Play Store to open the library to search the apps.

Play Store get on home page of the BlueStacks

Step 5: After that, you need to log in to the Play Store with a valid email address. Filling up with the appropriate email and password you will get some recommendations and terms to accept. After log in to the Play Store, you get the home page of the Play Store.

Step 6: In the search bar write “Snapchat” and hit the enter button. : Now, you will get the Snapchat installing page. On his page, you will find the all information about Snapchat. All these data and information are given by the Play Store and the developer company. However, press the Install button to proceed.

Step 7: Now, you need to be patient in giving the time for downloading the apps to your environment. After successfully installment “Open” button will appear in the same place where you press “Install”. Press “Open”.

Open Snapchat app after the install on BlueStacks

Step 8: Next, you will get the page shown in the image. On this page, you will get two buttons at the bottom middle. If you have a Snapchat account previously then hit “Log In” and if you do not have any Snapchat account then, hit “Sign Up“. Here we are showing the signup process then how to log in with that signup account.

Snapchat Login and sign up page on BlueStacks

Step 9: Press the “Sign Up” button and then press the “Continue” button. Now Snapchat wants some access like contacts, phone calls. So allow the access. After allowing the system of your device you will see the page like the image. Enter first and last name of. Then click the “Sign up & Accept” button.

Step 10: Set your birthday in the right place, shown in the image. Press “Continue“.

Step 11: Snapchat will give you the username by default. You can change the username if you want, by clicking the button in mage we have shown. After that, click “Continue“.

Step 12: Set the password as your choice.

But unfortunately, you cannot set the password here. You have to go in a browser:

Here you have to fill up the all bars and then, you can have the username and password.

Sign Up for Snapchat

Step 13: Now go to login Snapchat on Bluestacks and enter the right username and password that you have got from the signup page.

Log In for Snapchat on BlueStacks

Step 14:After the first time successfully login to Snapchat, then Snapchat wants to access your camera and local storage to take photos and videos, detect screenshots, and more. Just click “TURN ON” button.

Step 15: Now you can enjoy Snapchat.

Method 2: LDPlayer Emulator

Hey guys, now it turns to our second method, Download, Install and use the Snapchat by “LDPlayer“. We all know LD Player is a popular emulator like BlueStacks. If you want to know the further process just look down the steps which we represent below:

Step 1: First we have to download the LDPlayer install file to start the install.

Here is the LDPlayer download website:

LDPlayer Download page

After the installation file download, Open the downloaded file to start LDPlayer installing process on your PC.

Click the “Install” button. After that, you need to be patient for some time to finish the install properly.

LDPlayer installing process

Step 2: After that, the Google Play Store will then appear on the LDPlayer main page. Open the Play Store. Then the fundamental process is about to begin. Carefully handle the next steps!

Google Play Store on LDPlayer on home screen

Step 3: Now you have to sign in to the Play Store with a valid email and password. Press the “Sign in” button.

Step 4: After the successful login you will find the searching place to search the app. Write down “Snapchat” and hit the enter button.

Step 5: Then, you will get the page where you will find the install button at the top right corner. Click the button. Then it appears on the android looking page of the Play Store. Then again press the install button. Now you have to wait for a while for installing the Snapchat app.

Step 6: After successful installing, press the “Open” button.

Open Snapchat app after the install on LDPlayer

Step 7: Next, you will get the page shown in the image. On this page, you will get two options. If you have already a Snapchat account then click “Log in” and if you do not have any Snapchat account then, click “Sign up” and create an account with your name, secret password and mail address or phone number.

Snapchat Login and sign up on LDPlayer

Step 8: Now press the “Continue” button. After allowing the system of your device you will see the page like the image. Enter first and last name of. Then click the “Sign up & Accept” button.

Step 9: Then you will have to fulfill the name, birth date, username, and password that you want to set for your Snapchat app. Next you will get the place where you have to give your email address. Then press “Continue“.

Step 10: You will get then a bar for the phone number and you have to do the confirmation of that phone number. It is a very easy task. Now you will get the page like the image. You can find the friends from your contacts by pressing “Continue” or you can skip this part.

Step 11: After finding and allowing the steps we just skip you will find the page like the image has been shown. Click “TURN ON”.

Step 12: After allowing all the recommendations you will get the camera support for your PC. If you have the camera connection then you just need to press “Camera”. Shown in the image below.

Snapchat allow camera on LDPlayer

Step 13: Here you are finding the home page of Snapchat. Enjoy now.

Snapchat Advantages

Easy to Link 

It is easy to link with Snapchat. You may easily make your Snapchat ID, and due to privacy problems, no personal data are revealed. Additionally, by providing your ID via Snapcode or other media, you may connect to others. Contrary to other social network sites, Snapchat’s server is incredibly secure, and the privacy settings cannot be circumvented.

Offer Great Privacy

You don’t have to fear that your photos are preserved in Snapchat or that anybody is storing them since Snapchat can only save photographs temporarily on the program. After one day, if you don’t keep the image to your smartphone, Snapchat is removed that image automatically.

Colorful Filters

With its colorful filters and widespread imagination, it is popular in comparison to other image editing applications. Snooze filters enable you to change your image to whatever you may conceive of.

Construct awareness of the brand

Many significant businesses utilize Snapchat as a proven strategy to market their company. With hilarious advertising, filters, or fascinating stories, you can help reach many people using Snapchat – mainly because there are more than 265 million active users every day on the app.

Drive huge Traffic

Snaps are meant to last for a brief period. You receive a picture or video, you click on it, and it’s gone within a few seconds. While it may seem somewhat counterintuitive, it can assist in generating traffic. In addition, making snaps disappear gives them a feeling of urgency – they do not want to be missed by your viewers.

Enhance commitment

This is ideal for marketers that arrange events, wish to promote or utilize their corporate culture in an integrated campaign.

Disadvantages of Snapchat

Because of filters and tales that are simple to use, Snapchat may be incredibly addicting to young & elderly individuals, just like other social networks. You might spend a lot of time implementing filters distinct from Facebook. More individuals are insane about the filters, especially the younger age. These filters have made them crazy with the basis of a new identity.

You can’t share the material as in Facebook & Twitter with Snapchat; you can only take a snapshot of the content and share the material with other platforms.

When you decide to publicize using Snapchat, you require a significant advertising budget compared to Facebook & Twitter. It would help if you marketed through Snapchat.


1. Can I use Snapchat on my PC?

Answer: Yes, you can install and use Snapchat on your PC. You have to have an emulator on your PC.

2. Is Snapchat safe to install on PC?

Answer: Yes, you don’t need to worry about downloading and using Snapchat on your PC. It is safe.

3. Is Snapchat free on PC?

Answer: Snapchat is free for PC and your phone. So, feel free to use Snapchat.

4. Is Bluestacks A Virus?

Answer: No, Bluestacks is not a ‘Virus’. It is an environment to create your PC operating system as an android supporting

5. Can I use Snapchat on the browser?

Answer: You cannot use Snapchat on the browser, it is impossible to use any browser on your PC.

6. Is illegal to use Snapchat on an emulator?

Answer: If you do not use your emulator and Snapchat account for an illegal job, then it is legal to use Snapchat on an emulator.

Final Word

At last, doubting the usefulness of Snapchat is not intelligent behavior. And it is popular among all ages people. So, it is time to involve you with this amazing app. And you know at PC the Snapchat would be the best social media to communicate and enjoying the fun moment while you are communicating.

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