How to Download and Install Skype For PC Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

We are come up with a popular application that connects people worldwide. Lightning-fast connectivity with video calling, chatting, and audio calling makes our daily communication simple & easy. Yes, we are talking about Skype! An application with loads of features and potential. So, can I install Skype for PC?

Let’s find out the download and installation process of Skype for PC. We will show you two possible download and install processes—one with the PC version from the official website and the other from Microsoft Store.

What is Skype For PC?

Skype is the world’s most used communication software. On your smartphone, PC, or tablet, you may use Skype on any device that works best for you. You can download Skype and use free of charge. Voice and Video calls are the main goals.

You can do more – such as recording, meeting arrangements, PowerPoint presentations, extra contact options, and sending text messages if you pay a bit.

You may do whatever that works for you while you’re going or purchase a membership. And in the business world, this implies that you may bring together all your ecosystem of employees, partners, and customers.

Therefore, try Skype and add your colleagues, family, and friends. They won’t be difficult to locate; Skype is already used by hundreds of millions of individuals to accomplish several things in general.

Skype Features

Often it appears to us that Skype offers far more functionality than some users assume, wrongly believing that this is merely a call and instantaneous message program. That is why we included all of Skype’s features and functionalities in this context so that consumers might have a clearer sense of one of the world’s most popular software.

Quality Video Calling

Seeing and hearing your loving ones, particularly in another nation, is priceless. For this reason, making free Video calls is the most impressive aspect of the app. Only the Internet and a camera are required.

Naturally, it provides greater network access and equipment, a better image, and a better sound. In addition, Skype allows you to speak with many users simultaneously via Video conferencing, and frequent meetings with friends and family members are now simpler than ever.

Improved Voice Calling

You may make voice calls using Skype for pc and connect free to other users. Wherever they live, you may call them and chat as much as you like in high-end audio communications if Skype is installed and linked to the Internet because you don’t spend a dollar.

You may call mobile devices and fixes at virtually any place globally at inexpensive rates, along with calls to the other Skype users. It’s used to bill these calls per minute, but get an abonnement and save more money if you call much. Set up free service “Caller ID” in your account so that you don’t call from an endless number.

Call recording and Live subtitles

Skype now provides live subtitles to improve accessibility for everyone who requires subtitles.

Smart messaging

Skype provides consumers with several features. Most famously, Skype can transmit instant messages and video calls to other users of Skype. Skype allows several users to call videos simultaneously and to record video calls if necessary.

Call to phones

You may contact regular mobile and landline telephones worldwide using Skype for using a subscription. Call your PC, smartphone, or anything you can use with Skype, and your own Skype telephone number will provide you with calls.

Quick Screen sharing

Skype is an amazing business tool for sharing your screen during a video conversation. Things like photographs, documentation, and more can be done without links sending or anybody needing to install additional software.

Secret conversations

Skype maintains your sensitive private talks with end-to-end industry-grade encryption.

Versatile App

In most nations, Skype is open-ended and universal. It’s known throughout the world. Hundreds of millions of individuals spend over three billion minutes using Skype every day.

The Skype program is used to study, marry, operate an enterprise, hold hearings, consultations, worldwide conferences, and routine conversations. Even proceedings and criminals have been sentenced through Skype in certain nations.

Compatible with Many Devices and Operating Systems

Moreover, Skype may be installed on PCs and mobile phones, tablets, smart wats, house phones, TV sets, game consoles, and many more devices.

It supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry operating systems. A web version of Skype may be used with Skype to interact via a browser.

Contacts Adding

To keep in touch with your loved one continually, many contact management services are given on Skype. The most crucial of them is identifying and adding to the list of contacts who already use Skype. Creating and managing your lists is another handy option that enables you to arrange acquaintances by interest.

In Skype, you may also add telephone numbers, share contacts, sort non-line contacts, and conceal or rename them. If required, delete or add someone to the blacklist that stops you from living.

Function of recording

Skype For Business has another innovative feature: giving Video, audio, sharing sessions, presentations, and the lecturers can also record much more. You can also set the recording limit and resolution.

PowerPoint Commercial Presentation

Skype For Business enables you to provide more than one person with a high-end resolution. It has a variety of features, including dispositive and integrated movies.

Manage Conferences

Skype For Business offers a chance for Video, audio, and web conferences. You may schedule your meeting online beforehand or host your meeting in real-time. Together with their devices, 250 individuals can attend a meeting.

How to Download and Install Skype on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC and macOS?

Skype is easy to download and install and free! In a matter of minutes, you may download and install Skype, and then the entertainment starts.

If you want to use Skype on the web, then read this article: Skype Web

Step 1

Do you think it’s complex? No way! Just visit the official website here:

Skype Download page

Step 2

Now download the exe file and find it in your download folder. Now start the installation process with a double click! The operating system will be determined automatically. After downloading the application, this screen tells you what to do.

Skype install process start

Step 3

Click I agree “Yes” > Let’s Go. Then after installation, complete the sign-in process with your email id.

Skype account sign in

Step 4

Test Your audio and Test your Video quality like below:

Skpye Test audio and video

Step 5

Finally installed Skype on Windows Computer/Laptop.

Skype install done

Step 6

Update Profile information:
Click on the three-dot icon on the top left sidebar > then click Settings. Now you can update your profile. Besides profile updates, you will get many other settings options for Skype.

Skype settings option

How to get Skype for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store?

Is it free to download Skype for Windows 10?

Yes, it’s free.

You may download and install this version of Skype from a Windows 10 PC without any charge. There is no costs for any further upgrades. However, the deposit of funds for calling landlines and mobile phones would be required.

Skype is finally included in Windows (Microsoft’s official Store) by Microsoft. The first step was taken in august 2013 by Microsoft. Initially, it was available for windows 8.1, and then they officially upgraded it to Windows 10.

In Windows 10, phone and video messaging service is now preloaded through three natively developed applications: Video, Messaging, and Phone.

We are here today to analyze and represent the basic steps of downloading and installing Skype on windows 10:

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Windows Apps Store official website:

 Step 2: Now you will see a Search Box in the right top menu bar. There type “Skype” and press Enter or Search icon. Then on the screen, you will see the “Get” button and click on it. Then appear a popup dialogue to open this application in Microsoft Apps Store.

Skype app open Microsoft store to install

Step 3: Now, just click on the Get button and wait for a while > then Install > Launch. After that you will see the let’s started icon!

Step 4: Lunch and log in to your Microsoft account for starting your skype account.

You are all set now!!

How to Add Contacts On Your Skype?

Again, adding Skype contacts is a bit of a task (noting a topic here?). Skype was formerly distinct from the Microsoft Account system, although it might be quite annoying to find out contact details with those you wish to Skype.

The best approach to getting your Microsoft account email or Skype ID is now (which is no longer typically used). Fortunately, if you only want to contact someone fast, you might also invite individuals for calls without an account. This is how you may find contacts.

Step 1: From the left sidebar on the left part of the window, select Contacts. To start searching, choose New contact.

Type your contact details; often, an email or a Skype ID will be used.

Skype Adding Contacts

Step 2: You can try sharing your contact information if you can’t find them that way. Your contact information may be found in the upper left corner by selecting a profile image. It’s the email beneath your name that shows there.

skype contacts from profile

How to Set up calls and chats

Step 1:

Choose New Chat from the Chats option and navigate to Group Chat.

Skype new group chat

Step 2

Your conversation should be named accordingly.

Group name type

Step 3

Invite individuals to chat, but you may also do this by clicking Fulfill.

Step 4

Invite More People and share the Join Group link. Now, a URL connection you may share with your contacts may be created to connect to a chat as they please. Please note they don’t even have to join an account.

Start skype group chat

Hit the call or the video call icon in the upper right corner if you are all ready for a call. You can SMS messages to the group at any time.


1. Is Skype free on my computer?

Answer: On a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you may use Skype for PC. The call is entirely free if both of you use Skype. The user must only pay for premium features like voice mail, text messages, or calls to a fixed, cellular, or external Skype. They must require Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan.

2. How do you answer a Skype call on a laptop?

Answer: How do I respond to a Skype call? You can receive calls by logging into Skype. You’ll get an incoming call notification page with the following options: To answer the phone, press the Call button.

3. Is zoom better than Skype?

Answer: Zoom and Skype are the most direct rivals of their type. Both are excellent choices, but Zoom provides a more comprehensive solution for corporate users and work-related applications. If Zoom’s few extra capabilities over Skype aren’t important to you, Skype is a better choice.

4. Is it safe to download Skype?

Answer: It is completely safe to download Skype on your PC. Transmitting voices, videos, text, and files between Skype users is unsafe sometimes, but only between your device and Microsoft’s Server is secured by default. They are encrypted when you download voicemail but stored as a non-encrypted file on your device.

Final Thoughts

While there have been worries about Skype’s security in the past, new enhancements such as an end-to-end encrypted messaging service imply that it is now more secure than many of its competitors. Overall, Skype for the computer is a good option for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to improve their video-conferencing capabilities.

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