Signal For PC – Download and Install on Windows 10/8/7 PC and Mac

In today’s generation, privacy is the most important thing for everyone. It will feel uncomfortable if anybody noses into our affairs. In this technological advances period, the privacy of our data or information plays a major role.

On messaging online we give more attention towards our data security, that our data should neve to be leaked or seen by third parties. If you are also searching for a platform and an application that keeps everything about you and my secret then, now we got that!

It is a “Signal” application, it is the app that stands at the primary position. Yes, the best privacy concerned application, that provides user end-to-end encryption.

Anything you share is never seen by anybody but only you and your recipient. You can use the app both on android or personal computer. By this time you may get the question: If the signal is on pc then how to download and use the application ?. For that query, you will get the complete detailed information regarding the “Signal on PC“.

What is Signal messenger? 

The Signal messenger is a free online messaging application owned by a non-profit organization. It allows its user community to message to the person or a group by sending files, photos, videos, texts, voice messages, emojis, links, etc. It allows for video and audio calling on personal or in groups. It can be used to connect with home, friends, near and dear ones by texting or video calling or voice calling.

As it is a free application it uses your data or wifi to send and receive messages from and to the device having a signal with data.

Why use the Signal on a desktop or PC? 

It is the best feature provided by signal to its user. One who is working on a PC does not need to touch his phone for any messaging activities, while on his work on PC.

It will be done by closing and opening a tab on the PC. Because the signal on android and PC will be the same. Now you get connected with anyone by chat, audio calling, or video calling just on your PC.

Features of Signal Desktop

Signal provides the best and better features for its users.

  1. Video calling: signal provides video calling option on desktop also while it is not possible in web WhatsApp or others.
  2. Screen security: It is the best privacy feature provided by signal to its user community. If it is enabled, the recipient can’t take the screenshot of the chats made. It can be done by settings > privacy > screen security.
  3. Incognito Keyboard: This feature takes the privacy level of signal to a great extent. This does not allow you to learn keywords from the keyboard. By enabling this it never saves or collects the word that you are typing on a keyboard. You can enable this by settings > privacy > Incognito Keyboard.
  1. Screen lock: It allows the user to lock the screen by giving a fingerprint or a passcode. It prevents unauthorized users from seeing your chats and other information.
  2. Read receipts: It is a super feature for the security of Signal. This can be enabled or disabled at settings > privacy > read receipts. This will display the typing status and whether the message is read or not.
  1. Group invitation privacy: This is a secured path to maintain group transparency. Here the user needs to send an invite link to the recipient to join the group, it will be his decision to join a group by accepting an invitation or not. This also helps users to make the group genuine by sending invite links to their friends. An unauthorized user cannot join groups.
  2. Disappearing message: It is the best option given for users. You can set disappearing time according to your comfortability. We can even set it to one second.

How to Download and Install Signal on Windows or Mac PC? 

Downloading and installing Signal on Windows and on Mac PC is very easy. You do not need lots of knowledge to download and install Signal. Just you have to follow the steps which are given below and after that, you will be able to use Signal on your Windows or Mac PC.

Note: To use the Signal app on your Desktop, you must be need first install Signal app on your phone.

Step 1: In the very first step you have to open any web browser on your pc or laptop. It might be Google Chrome, Firefox or any other.

Step 2: After that, you have to download Signal For PC installation file. For that open the Signal Official website.

For download click on the link which is given below, you will go to the download page of Signal.

Download official site:

Step 3: Click on the Download for Windows option. Also here you will get Signal for Mac and Signal for Linux.

Signal Download page

Step 4: When the installation file download is done, go to the download folder on your PC. Open the file with double click and Install the signal by just clicking Next and Next button.

As soon as the signal app is installed, the QR code will appear on the screen. Scan with the phone to start using.

How to scan QR code from your mobile app?

  1. First, open your Signal mobile app.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon on right top corner. Then Settings > Linked Devices > now click on “+” at the bottom.
  3. Now Line up the camera with the QR code shown on the desktop app. scan QR code on your Desktop app using Mobile app
  4. Now, the Signal mobile app will ask if you’re sure you want to link to the desktop app. Tap “Link Device” to proceed.
  5. And then go back to Desktop app. Enter a name for your computer. That will help you to find out next from mobile app Link Device settings. And click on “Finish Linking Phone“.

Step 5: After the scanning QR code, the Signal open on your Desktop PC/Laptop. And enjoy the app!

Signal open on your Desktop PC

How to use the Desktop Signal app?

First of all, download and install the Signal app on your pc. Following the above steps.

Open the Signal desktop app, then you will see your conversations in the left sidebar navigation.

Note that, your conversations won’t have any chats synced. Mobile app message chats will not appear on the desktop app. It’s a security feature.

From this point forward, you can see any new chats that you send from your desktop or phone.

The desktop user interfaces are similar to the Signal mobile app. You can make video calls and voice calls, send audio messages, attach photos and videos, and use stickers. Also, you can search your previous conversations if needed.

How to use the Desktop Signal app

Signal Messenger vs WhatsApp


  • Provide end-to-end encryption
  • Data can be shared with Facebook and with its company.
  • A disappearing message is provided.
  • Used on web versions by Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • No video calling on the web version.
  • Can share all media like photos, videos, files, audio, etc.
  • It is not open-source software.
  • Can be used on android, web, Linux, windows, mac, windows Phone, etc.
  • It is published by Whatsapp Inc.


  • provide the latest end-to-end encryption.
  • data cannot be seen by anybody other than a recipient you send.
  • The disappearing message is provided with the latest version.
  • Cannot be used on the web but can be used on PC by its app.
  • On PC also we can do video calling.
  • It allows the sharing of all media.
  • It is open-source software. 8.can be used on android, Ipad, Mac, Linux, windows.
  • It is published by an open whisper system.


1. Is signal app available for PC? 

Answer: Yes, you can use signal apps on your pc irrespective of Windows, Linux. It is a beautiful feature provided by signal.

2. Is signal desktop safe? 

Yes, sure. the signal is a safe and secured application both on android and PC. Hence it is also recommended by Elon Musk.

3. Is the signal really private? 

Yes! Signals always give importance to privacy.

You can comfortably use it for private purposes. since the message you sent cannot be seen by any third party other than a recipient you send.

4. Is signal safer than WhatsApp? 

Yes, the signal is safer than WhatsApp. Both are end-to-end encrypted but WhatsApp uses more data of user than signal and it may share its data with Facebook it’s other applications.

5. Can I use a signal with an app? 

No, you can’t use a signal without the app. For privacy concerns signal does not allow web version use of a signal. but you can use it only by downloading the app.

6. Can I get a signal without a phone? 

Yes! It can be done by signal-cli command, which acts as either master or slave. But the phone number is mandatory. For better information check out

Final word

I think now you all get how to use a signal on a PC. We never saw such a good application till now. If you have any other doubts feel relaxed to ask.

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