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Everybody loves to take photos. Most people take lots of photos every day with their family, friends or with special people. With the blessings of modern technology to take better quality photos, we don’t always need a camera because we can take high-quality photos with our mobile phones.

Now the matter is all about photo editing. Sometimes you may feel that if you had more light your image would look more beautiful. Or sometimes you want to joint your favorite photos in one frame which is called a photo collage. Do you know you can do it within a short time without any help from photoshop?

PicsArt is an amazing and popular software by which you can edit your photos in many ways. It has lots of features that can make your photos more beautiful than the original photo. You can use lots of filters that give a different flavor to your images.

What is PicsArt For PC?

You may already know about PicsArt mobile application. But do you know that you can use PicsArt on your computer?

This question is very normal because PicsArt has no Pc version software on its official website. But it is possible to use PicsArt on your computer.

PicsArt Official Website:

You may have a question now that you can use it on your mobile phone but why do you need to use it on your computer. The computer has a bigger screen than your mobile phone. On the computer screen, you can edit your photos in more detail.

Features of PicsArt

PicsArt is filled up with lots of amazing features. Let’s discuss the fabulous features of PicsArt.

Sharing Images

You can share your edited photos to different types of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly from PicsArt. You can upload the images in lots of formats.

Crop and Resize Photos

In this feature, you will get the ability to cut yourself from a crowded photo. After that, you can adjust the size of the cropped photo. Every photo editing application has the feature but PicsArt is special because it’s very easy and the perfect level is higher than other photo editing applications.


There are two types of modes in PicsArt, One is Auto and another mode is Pro. In auto mode, the system can automatically detect the necessary things to change in your photo and the Pro mode is totally under your control. You can control the necessary changes in your photo.

Photo Quality

You may be tensed about the picture quality after editing your photo. No worries, PicsArt doesn’t reduce the resolution of an image. It provides you the perfect quality photo with handsome resolution.

PicsArt Photo Gallery

This is an amazing feature of PicsArt. You can share your image on PicsArt’s official website. There your photo can be seen from all over the world. People who are linked with PicsArt can see your picture and you also can see their pictures by your app.

Effects and Filters

Filters help you to get a different looked image. There are lots of filters that can automatically make your photo more beautiful. There is a filter named colorize filter which is the most used filter in PicsArt. It will make your image more beautiful by adding colors.

Add Stickers

Nowadays people love to add different types of stickers to their images to expose their mood. PicsArt has a huge library of stickers that you can use in your photo to expose the meaning or mood of you in the photo.

Line Drawing Tool

With the help of a line drawing tool, you can draw different types of lines in your photo. This tool has some variations. You can select the hardness, and size of the line and also increase or decrease the hardness or softness of the lines. You can give a different look to your photo by using these amazing tools.

CutOut Tool

Sometimes we become upset when we see something ugly behind our beautiful photo. No worries, PicsArt is a super expert to help you in this situation. You can easily change the background of your photo using the cutout tool.

How to Download and Install PicsArt on Windows 10 PC?

We already told you that you can use PicsArt on your Windows 10 operating system. Now We are going to tell you the steps about how to use PicsArt on Windows 10.

Step 1

As it is for Windows 10 only, we just need to download it from the Windows Apps Store.

So first of all open your PC and click the Windows Start button then click on Microsoft Store or you can directly search Microsoft Store from Search Box in Taskbar. You can take help from the image below.

Open Microsoft Store in windows 10

Step 2

After opening the app store you can see a Search Bar box on the top right side of the window. Write PicsArt there and click enter. After that, you will see PicsArt application is ready to download. Just click on the Get button and wait for a while >> then Install >> Launch

Install PicsArt from Microsoft Store

Step 3

Within a short time you will be notified that PicsArt has been installed on your computer. After that, you can see a new app on your computer named PicsArt. Click on it and a login interface will appear in front of you as like the image below.

PicsArt sign in page

Step 4

Now you can log in with a username and password if you already registered before, Otherwise you have to sign up using the button sign up which you can find in the middle bottom of the page. There is also an option for you, You can sign in with Facebook, Gmail, or Microsoft account. Use any of them and sign in. After sign in you can see as like as the image below.

PicsArt use on Windows PC

Step 5

Now you can see the start your free trial button, click on it, and then you will be redirected to the homepage of PicsArt as given below.

Start edit photo using PicsArt

This is how you can install PicsArt on your windows computer. So install today and enjoy.

How to Download and Install PicsArt through Android MEmu play Emulator?

Lots of people use Android emulators on their computers and I think you are one of them. SO for you now we are going to tell you how to Download and Install PicsArt through the most popular MEmu Emulator.

Step 1: MEmu has its, official website, First of all, you need to download and install the emulator first. So to download it just open your browser and visit to

After that, you will be directed to the homepage of the website and can see a large Download button. Click on it and wait a while. You can look through the image below, it will help you.

MEmu download page

Step 2: After that go to the download folder of your computer. You can see a file named Memu-Installer. Double click on it, after opening MEmu’s interface the full package of the emulator will be downloaded. It will take some time.

open downloaded picsart exe file

Step 3: After the successful installation you can see the main interface as like the image given below.

MEmu emulator home screen

Step 4: Now click on the Play Store, it will take you to the google play store sign-in page. Insert your email address thair and log in to the play store.

Google Play Store sign in on MEmu emulator

Step 5: After a successful sign-in write PicsArt on the search bar, and the PicsArt application will appear in front of you. It will look like the image below, and then click on the install button. And let it be installed.

PIcsArt install on MEmu

Step 6: When it will be perfectly installed, click on the application. You can see the home interface of PicsArt. And it’s ready to use. So, why late? Install and start using it.

PicsArt installed on MEmu

So, Follow the steps carefully to download PicsArt in Android Emulator.


1. Is it possible to use PicsArt without an account?

Answer: Yes obviously it’s possible but if you have an account in PicsArt then you can visit the community of PicsArt to share your moments.

2. Can I create a PicsArt account for free?

Answer: Yes you can, Just go to their official website and register with your Email or Social media accounts. It’s free of cost.

3. Is it possible to use one account on multiple devices?

Answer: Possible. There are no restrictions to use one account on multiple devices.

4. Are there any fees for the PC version?

Answer: No there is no fee or registration cost for the PC version.

5. Why PicsArt freezing on my device?

Answer: It’s not a problem with PicsArt, My be your device cache memory is full that’s why you have this issue.

Final Word

Everyone wants to store their great moments, that’s why people take lots of photos. You can make your photos more beautiful very easily and within a short time by PicsArt. This is one of the best photo editing software in the play store which has a huge library of filters and editing tools. So, use it and make your moments more colorful.

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