Netflix App For PC – Download on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC and Mac

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Are you a fan of Netflix shows? But don’t you have the learning to install the Netflix app on your PC?

Then, we will say don’t worry. We are here to get the solution to avoid any obstacle on your way to enjoying the app.

Netflix is the most OTT platform around the world. Day by day the materials of this platform getting more professional, entertaining, and time relevant. Also, they have a large collection of world entertainment elements. So, you won’t be bored.

If you have access to Netflix on your PC then it will be the best part for your enjoying Netflix. On PC you can enjoy the shows with the big picture. You would be so lucky if you enjoy these amazing shows with the big picture. We will explain how you can get the Netflix app for PC. So, stay with us.

What is Netflix App For PC?

Do you know what is Netflix?

Netflix brings to you thousands of world-class movies, shows, documentaries, anime, and many more with the streaming platform. So, yes you need internet service to enjoy yourself. Ut, on the other hand, you also can enjoy it offline. In this way, you need to download the show before you enjoy it offline.

Without any commercials, anyone can enjoy the shows on Netflix. You will find different offers and period plans to enjoy the shows. Choose what is the best for you. So, imagine if you can get this amazing platform on your PC, isn’t it the coolest thing? You should have Netflix on your PC as early as possible.

Features of the Netflix App


You can search for multiple movies, dramas, series, and shows from the search option in the app. You need to just be the guest for Netflix, then the search engine is just waiting for your expected show. Any kind of device’s app like Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, or PC. You will get all the contents from here.

Alternate Audio And Subtitles

Is any show not in your language?

Don’t worry. Netflix doesn’t want you to miss any show for the language barrier. So, you will get multiple subtitles and alternate audio to understand each show in every part of the world. Isn’t it cool!


You can download the show if you want. You will see that steaming is not possible every time. If you don’t have internet services or you are on travel, you can use the offline factor where you downloaded the shows previously. With a strong fast downloading option you can download your show to watch offline.

High Dynamic Range(HDR)

Who does not want to enjoy the show with HDR quality? Netflix brings, you guys. You will enjoy the High Dynamic Range shows. They provide you this facility if your device has the availability of HDR.

Out of video

In iPhone, iPod, and iPad a compatible number supports out of video through a number. So, video out is available. As a secondary display, you can enjoy the Netflix show.

Compatible with Other Platforms

On other platforms, you can enjoy the Netflix app and this feature allows you to not spend extra money on it. But get to this specific feature you need a supported device. If you have a supported device then you can get this facility.

How to Download & Install Netflix on Windows 10 From Microsoft Store?

For anyone, like movie or web series lovers, Netflix is another name of entertainment. It’s a great source of joy for everyone! Watch TV shows and movies, including Netflix originals, films, documentaries, award-winning programs, and more. Of course, there is a safe watching experience for children.

You can experience every detail in Windows 10 now. Of course, it’s in 4K Ultra HD. With a single click on the download button, get a lot of your favorite episodes and movies. You can see Netflix on your PC, tablet, or laptop on Windows 10, whether you are on the road or without an internet connection (by streaming it earlier).

Here are the steps for downloading and installing your Netflix app on your PC from Microsoft Store:


Watch TV programs and films on multiple web-based devices immediately. Without advertising, you may play, pause and restart viewing.

Now, To download this app from the Microsoft store, Visit the official website:

Step 2

When you click on >”Get” > System will take you into the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

Netflix app install from Microsoft

Step 3

 Now it’s time to start the proceedings. To Sign Up for Netflix Pc, All you need is to click on ” Get Started.” If you don’t have a previous account, you have to sign Up for a new account.

Netflix sign or sign up page on Windows 10

Step 4

Now you can see the basic plans for the Netflix App. There are three plans:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Choose the plan according to your need! and click the Continue button from below.

plans for the Netflix App

Step 5

Now in this step, Create a password for your payment now! For this, you have to use an email id which is fresh and has not been used in opening a Netflix account before. Create a password with your mail to start your membership and go to the next step by clicking with Continue button.

Step 6

It’s time for purchase! You have to pay the basic plan payment. You can use your Master Card/Visa Card for the payment.

purchase Netflix plan using your card

Step 7

After payment, Sign In with your Email and password!

You are all set to go now! Netflix for pc is ready for your use! After the successful Sign In,  you can see the home interface of Netflix. Now browse your favorite show on Netflix and enjoy!

Netflix sign in on Windows 10

How to Download & Install Netflix On PC [By Using BlueStacks 5]

Netflix is a famous streaming service that delivers a comprehensive collection of TV episodes, movies, and originals. It provides something for everyone – whether you are youngsters, teenagers, or adults. You have enhanced accessibility since, unlike television shows, you can view your favorite shows at your desired time.

Many may not be aware that Netflix offers actual DVDs of its series, apart from being one of the world’s most popular subscription-based streaming services. So, you can still enjoy stuff on Netflix if you want DVD-style watching. It has optimized programs and created a unique Windows 10-compatible program for Android and iOS devices.

Here we are showing you the process of installing and downloading Netflix for pc by using Bluestacks 5 emulator:

Step 1

If you don’t have the emulator (Bluestacks 5), download it now!

Then you need to download the Netflix Mod apk from here directly:

Step 2

Now it’s your turn to import the file of that mod/app file into your Bluestacks!

How to import the file?

It’s so easy! Just go to the menu on the right side>APK>Then choose your folder where the download file belongs. Or directly drag and drop the downloaded apk on Bluestacks.

You can see the following image to get the idea of importing the mod version below:

Netflix Mod apk import in Bluestacks

Step 3

Also you can import the apk from Bluestacks Media Manager.

  • Go to the Media Manager.
  • Then tap Import From Windows and select apk. Now the process is about to begin. Your file needs one or two minutes to upload to your emulator.
  • Now you will see imported apk in Imported files section.
  • Click on the icon of the Netflix mod app
  • Now you can see a bar on your display is appeared and suggest you Install your Netflix app. Tap on that.
  • And wait till the installation is done.
  • then Open the app.
Netflix open after the install on Bluestacks

Step 4

Now install the app, and after the whole installation process, you can see the icon of Netflix’s main app on the homepage of BlueStacks.

Step 5

Click on the icon and get the stream interface of Netflix. You can see loads of movies and serials there. Enjoy!

Netflix app use on Bluestacks

Netflix Plans

Basic Plan

It costs $8.99 a month and is suited for single use. Only one device has simultaneous access to video streaming, and only one device may be used to download. In Netflix’s Basic membership tier, HD and Ultra HD choices are not accessible.

Standard Plan

You will be charged $13.99 a month for this plan. Two users can also broadcast movies concurrently from the same account, and a maximum of two devices can be downloaded. With the Standard Plan, you may enjoy HD movies.

Premium Plan

For the Premium Subscription Plan, Netflix charges $17.99 per month. With download capability on four devices, as many as four individuals can simultaneously benefit from Netflix’s content. For customers who adore watching shows in high definition, HD and Ultra HD options are available.

On Netflix, What Type Of Entertainment We Get?

On Netflix, you may get a wide range of TV series, old classics, and new things in many genres. The platform continues to collaborate to expand its video library, and more surprises are expected in the future. Here is a short overview of the genre of content:

Originals from Netflix

These are programs commissioned by Netflix and produced. In 2013, the firm published its first original “House of Card” and hasn’t looked back since then. Today the platform contains more than 1,000 originals, and you receive everything from other Netflix series when you subscribe to any of its plans.

Classical & Old favorites

You can experience your favorite Netflix children’s episodes and movies near to your heart. Then, see ‘Twin Zone,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘The Bureau,’ and the list continues. You may download and view them offline on your Smartphone too.

Recent Shows and Films

Netflix has collaborated in the newest series, films, and other industry heavyweights such as Marvel and CW. On Netflix, you will find superhero action and nail-biting thrillers, and everything is packed with the same subscription plan.

The streaming platform boasts one of the world’s best-known and widely acknowledged displays.


1. How can I get Netflix free?

Answer: Netflix offers only a month free trial after subscription to take a decision on whether it is offering the best entertainment or not.

2. Is Netflix download free?

Answer: Yes, downloading from any platform it is free. You don’t need any penny to get the app but you need to pay when you want to get the services.

3. Does the Netflix app cost money?

Answer: No, the Netflix app for downloading is free but you need o money to get service from Netflix.

4. Can I share my Netflix account?

Answer: You can share but there will be limited options that are offered by different plans. 2 or 3 devices, you can share according to the offers.

5. Can I use Netflix in two different houses?

Answer: Yes, you can. If you buy the multiple device plans.

Final Word

Finally, you need to understand how important to get Netflix on the PC. We tried our best to explain the process of how to install it. Follow the rules and steps explained above and enjoy Netflix in the larger picture.

If you have a Bluestacks app player that allows you to enjoy all the features on your laptop or PC, why do you feel happy with a less mobile screen? Today download and utilize it on your PC. BlueStacks.

Stay safe and pass your leisure time.

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