How to Download and Install Kik For PC Windows 11/10/7 PC and Mac

Do you feel lonely, though you have plenty of technology around you? Or, are you sick of using the same type of socializing app or software? Then, we can give you the name of massaging brand that can change your whole socializing spirit and give you a boost to be a social human being. Install Kik For PC.

Kik” yes, a simple name with versatility, smartness, advanced and perfect satisfaction for a user-friendly environment. Our technology experts research all the messaging platforms which alive in present and decided that Kik is an absolute gem for anybody.

So, let’s have a tour to know about Kik and how to install this wonderful massaging platform on your PC. And by the way, you need an emulator to download Kik, because officially it hasn’t any software for PC. Stay with us.

What is Kik Messenger?

Kik is an amazing messaging platform where you can socialize with your friends, family, or any other person. As a cross-platform application, you can communicate with people personally or in a group. Though the signup procedure is the same as other messaging platforms, Kik is one of the best among all other messenger-type platforms in the market.

Are you searching for an old friend, who is not in touch for a long time?

Don’t worry, You can find him/her. Kik is the best platform to find a person or contact through the address book. Besides that, by using Kikcode(as a QR code) or by searching the username you connect with the people.

Why Kik For PC?

Using the PC as an android phone is a common intelligence nowadays. You will be blessed if you just install an emulator and get all the applications that you use on your smartphone. You do not need to check your smartphone when you are using the PC. All the notifications you can get from the emulator.

Moreover, why Kik for PC? Well, it’s a simple answer that when you are working on the PC you can get all the important messages of Kikon on your PC through an emulator. And you need a massage platform that you can use for communication while you are working on PC. You should be connected with this amazing app all time so that you cannot miss any messages and that can change your moments.

Features Of Kik

Million ways to communicate

You know that nowadays only words are not enough to express the expressions. Every messenger-type platform uses different features to communicate differently. You know it is funny that in old times in letters or mail we didn’t use these methods. But they are getting popular now day by day.

You can get all of these emojis, gifs, cartoons, and image features to express yourself in Kik. They are unique and super fast in every moment.

Being More Social

If you are not social don’t panic. Kik has bot support to make you active to give you different challenges to make you more extrovert and friendly. You can chat with them to improve your communication skill and gather all the information you need for being social.

Kik Codes

Kik code is a wonderful invention of the Kik developer team. You connect with any Kikser with the unique Kik code. After chat pops up for scanning the Kik code you can communicate with that person immediately.


Kik always updates its security system to protect your information from any attackers. It is not simple work to break the security wall of Kik. So, your every activity is very much safe and pure in Kik.

Easy for everybody

Everybody can use Kik. From downloading an app to using it, there is no single complexity. We will show you how to download and install Kik below, then you will believe us for sure.

How to Download and Install Kik on Windows 11/10/7 PC and Mac?

Kik is made for smartphones only. So, without an Android emulator, you cannot use Kik on the PC. So, here we will discuss how you can download and install Kik on the PC. Two methods for two different emulators would be discussed for you guys.

Method 1: Get Kik using LDPlayer emulator

Step 1: We hate complexity, right? So, let’s make the process simple and easy.

First, you have to download the LDPlayer emulator from google search. Or you can download it from this link:

After that, you have to find the downloaded file and open it to install the emulator. Click on the button which is shown in the image below.

LDPlayer Install

Step 2: After installation of the LDPlayer emulator, you have to open the emulator. You will find the home page of the emulator. On the top of the home page, you will find the search option for the Play store app. In the image, you can see the place is indicated.

LDPlayer google play store apps search

Step 3: Write Kik on the search box then there will be some suggested apps. Click on the Kik app logo on the top. Image for your help.

Kik app search on LDPlayer

Step 4: After that, you have to click on the install button top right side. The image is here for your understanding.

Kik app install button of LDPlayer

Step 5: Now, you need to sign in with a Gmail address to the google play store. The image shows the way below.

Sign in to install kik app on LDPlayer

Step 6: Now click the install button, in the image the button is indicated. The installation will take some time. You have to wait for a moment for it.

Kik app install from google play store on LDPlayer

Step 7: After clicking the open button you will be officially connected with the Kik network. You will see the first page of Kik. Now you have to sign up in Kik. Click the signup button as the image is shown. If you have already a Kik account, so Sign in to your account.

Kik sign up on LDPlayer

Step 8: Now you will see some boxes where you have to fill up the information. After filling up the whole thing press the sign-up button bottom of the page. Then you will be able to use the Kik software perfectly. The image has been given for your understanding.

Kik app sign up form

Method 2: Get Kik using MEmu emulator

Step 1: First you have to start to download the MEmu emulator from the official website. You can download it from this link:

After downloading the file you have to open it and click the install button to install the emulator. After successfully installing the emulator you are on the way to getting Kik.

MEmu Install

Step 2: Now, you have to open the emulator and wait for a while for loading the process. You will get the home page where you can get a demo of how you can use this emulator. If you want to check the demo then you just need to follow the slides. And if you are not interested in the demo then press the skip button at the top right corner.

Now you will get the real home page of the MEmu emulator. On the home page, you will get two ways to search in the play store for Kik. One way is the search box to find the Kik. Another one is to click the play store logo and then get the search box. The process is the same. Image for indicating the ways.

MEmu play store apps search

Step3: Press the Sign In button for Play Store login.

Step 4: After searching for Kik you will get the Gmail sign-in box for the play store. So fill in it with your email address with a password for sign-in. Image for indication.

MEmu play store sign in with gmail

Step 5: After the successful play store sign in you will get the Kik Install button. Click the button and wait for a while to install until the process ends. Image for your understanding.

Kik app install from Play Store on MEmu

Step 6: Then you have to click the open button. It will appear with the Kik sign-up page.

Step 7: Click the signup button. The image is for your understanding.

Kik app sign up on MEmu

Step 8: You will get a page with the boxes, which you have to fill up with your personal information. After fill-up the boxes, you have to click the signup button at the bottom of the page. Yes, you will get a Kik usage environment.


 1. What is Kik used for?

Answer: Kik is a socializing and communication app with people. You can send and receive messages with your family and friends.

2. Is Kik a dating site?

Answer: Kik is not built for only helping people to date each other. It is a communication app. But recently Kik developed two tools “Match & Chat” and “Matcher” for getting a date.

4. Does Kik use your phone number?

Answer: You can use your phone number. But f you want to make your email address and phone number private then you can do that.

5. How do I look for people on Kik?

Answer: You can find the people with the username if you know. Also, you can find the people with Kik code and address books.

6. Does Kik show your full name?

Answer: If you want then Kik will never disclose your full name or phone number. Kik is very sensitive to your private information.

Final Word

Finally, we want to say that you should give it a try to Kik for PC. Who does not want to get a perfect and safe platform for socializing and massaging? Kik will be the one that makes you happy in your every social life. The best quality technology, user-friendly environment, and advanced quality features make Kik different from all other apps. So, don’t be late. Start massaging with Kik.

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