How to Download iTunes For PC Windows 11/10/8 PC and Laptop

Nowadays, who does not like luxurious things? And to get the proper flavor of iPhone you need to have an iTunes app on your computer. What about iTunes for PC Windows?

iTunes is an audio playback management software for apple devices. iTunes is a crying need for iPhone users. It is not only a media player is also called a media library as well as a media broadcaster.

You will get a mobile media management system in it. If you want to browse or watch various types of movies, TV shows want to hear audiobooks from an Apple phone then you must need to install them on your PC.

What is Apple iTunes For PC?

iTunes is just software that can connect your media library with your computer. It can provide you some extra features by which you can customize your audio and video files as you want. You can also share files with your friend and can also make restrictions on some contents which are not suitable for you or you do not like. The amazing thing is you can listen to Apple podcasts and can subscribe to different types of podcasts to enjoy.

Features of iTunes

Features of iTunes cannot explain in a word. Here we made a list of features of iTunes below. Carefully read all of them to get proper knowledge about iTunes.

  1. Playback: You can determine which you want to play on the display, like movies, songs, TV shows. You can also set the default language of subtitles for movies and also you will get options like crossfade sound and sound enhancer. Now the matter is what are crossfade songs? At the start of the song, you can fade the sound of the song as well as you also can fade sound at the last of the song. Now you may think about Sound enhancement, right? A sound enhancer is like an audio filter by which you can expand or make brighten the sound.
  1. Sharing: Sharing files is an important thing for any device. By iTunes, you can share music or any kinds of files to another iTunes connected on a local network. If you want to share or receive files you have to enable the option named to look for shared libraries.
  2. Parental: This is an important thing. Apple knows that all contents are not suitable for all people. SO you can restrict contents that you don’t want to see on your mobile or network.
  3. Listen to Apple Podcasts: You can listen to apple podcasts. You can also subscribe to podcasts anytime you want by iTunes. To enjoy a variety of shows from different categories you need to install iTunes.
  4. Listen to audiobooks: It is only possible to listen to audiobooks by iTunes software.

How to Download and Install iTunes for PC on Windows 10/8?

We already know what is iTunes, how it works, and all about its awesome features. Now it’s time to know the proper way to download and install iTunes on Windows computer.

Step 1: First of all, open a browser on your computer and visit the official website of apple iTunes download web page. The link is:

Note: If the link not working try with this:

After loading the page, you can see the official website for iTunes download. You can see an option named “Browse Download By Product”. Below the text, you can see “iTunes”, click on it or search in the search box for “iTunes“.

Step 2: While you click on iTunes notice that you can see some search results below, there you can see iTunes of different versions. If you use 32bit windows then click on 32 version iTunes otherwise if you use 64bit windows then Click on 64bit iTunes. Watch the image carefully.

iTunes download page for Windows

Step 3: Now you can see a download page just like the image given above, Click on the Download button. Immediately your download will be started.

Step 4: Open your download folder, there you can see your iTunes software which you downloaded just now. Double click on it to start the installation process.

Step 5: After that, an installation wizard will open click on “Next” >then> “Install”. The installation process will start immediately.

Step 6: You will be notified while the installation progress will finish. Click on the button “Finish”. You are Done. You can watch the interface of iTunes. Now it’s time to enjoy.

iTunes use on Windows PC

How to get iTunes on Windows 10 from Microsoft Store?

We talked about iTunes for PC, But if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can try a secondary option to download iTunes. The second option is, to download it from Microsoft Store which is very secure for you. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure for downloading iTunes by Windows Store.

Step 1: Open your PC then go to the left bottom corner and click on the Windows menu button, there you will get Microsoft Store or search, and open it.

Step 2: On the top right corner there is a search option. Type “iTunes” there. Microsoft store will find out the proper version for your computer, click on “GET” to start the installation. You will get the interface as like as the image given below.

iTunes Get on microsoft store

Step 3: It will take some time to download and install iTunes. After complete download and proper installation, you will be directed to the homepage of iTunes. Watch the image below to get the better idea.

iTunes Microsoft app use on

Pros and Cons of Using iTunes

 Everything has two sides one is positive and the second is negative. iTunes also has some Pros and Cons. Let’s discuss that.


  1. Lots of Features: iTunes is all-in-one software, it has a huge collection of items in it. It is not only a music management software but also it can manage various types of things like video, adding filters on video, and customizing audio.
  2. iCloud Integration: Apple users can backup their data on iCloud. If you want to use your iCloud account from your computer then you can only do it with iTunes. Follow some simple processes and connect your iCloud account to your computer.
  3. Manage Files: iTunes helps you in the management of your files. Sometimes we cannot find out duplicate files or files that take lots of space on our device. Finding these types of files is very simple here. With one click you can find them and can delete them to get some extra storage on your device.
  4. Free of Cost: iTunes can be downloaded from official sites and it’s totally free. Just download, install and enjoy.


  1. Storage: People say that every update comes with huge data which makes storage full.
  2. Authorization: If you use multiple devices then it can be inconvenient for users.
  3. Performance: iCloud took a large amount of space on RAM that’s why sometimes it works slowly.


1. iTunes taking my money from my Card, How to stop it?

Answer: Carefully find out that you took the subscription package from iTunes. Find out that and unsubscribe from the package. iTunes will not charge from your card anymore.

2. Is it possible to export music from iTunes to my phone?

Answer: Yes obviously you can export music from iTunes to your phone. Just connect your phone and transfer.

3. Do I need to pay iTunes every month for a subscription?

Answer: No, you cannot pay every month. When you will buy any song or application from thair store then you have to pay a specific price to iTunes.

4. Is it possible to use iTunes Free?

Answer: Lots of things in iTunes are totally free of any cost, Just install and use them.

Final Word

Finally, we can say that iTunes is not just software it’s a management software by which you can manage lots of things which will give you a better experience. Lots of features in one place. Just know about all its features and enjoy them.

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