How to Download imo For PC Windows 1110/8/7 PC and Mac

IMO app is the newly developing video calling and messaging software, which will be the best rival to the social networking giants like Mark Jukerburg’s Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Friends, the following question that appears on all of our minds is How to download & install IMO for PC?. Yes, of course, that is real. There is an explanation behind this to install IMO for Windows PC. This software is available for Android and IOS phones officially.

But this program, which you may obtain from the IMO official website, may also be installed on your PC. You can do limitless voice/video calling smoothly and efficiently.

In this guide, we will show you how to use IMO on Windows and Macand then we also represent the pros and cons of IMO.

What is imo For PC?

Are you looking for a perfect video calling app to call on PC? 

So here for you is IMO download for PC. IMO is the only messaging program to be the best choice for any messaging app.

IMO is one of the most incredible videos calling applications. The IMO program to download for PC is just so popular among Android users. It’s a significant app for those who spend maximum time outside of the home. IMO is the only program that offers the most satisfactory solution for messager applications like WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, etc.

Imo is one of the many messaging applications that compete for consumers. The application does not offer a more extensive ecosystem of utilities that separate it from its contemporaries, yet its precise design and free HD-quality talking are respected.

In addition to text messaging with a sticker library, the mobile edition of Imo includes HD quality audio and video calling.

As seen in the online review, the end-user experience for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS varies. Overall, Google Play users appear to like IMO for PC and rank it the same or better than their peer applications. Now the pc version is as popular as APK.

You may experience the proper video chat on IMO by downloading the PC version for free. It is now launched on the PC officially. Downloading IMO is very easy and straightforward.

Read this context attentively if you wish to have a clean and good IMO installation.

Features of IMO For PC

Smooth Video Calling

In addition to the program being a messenger, IMO has also done its duty and video and audio calls. Its transparency is remarkable. It is also quite good to compare with other communication applications such as Viber. Even if we connect to 2G, IMO offers a fantastic video chat experience with limited internet speed.

Awesome Transmission Rate

Improves the transmission speed much higher. The video signals have remarkable downtime and downtime, which indicates extremely low. It takes a reasonably little time to send the video signals.

Compression of Video

The video is compressed based on an Internet connection. Thus IMO can transport the films and photographs over a considerable distance more quickly.

Reliable Cloud Server

Unlike WhatsApp, PC IMO download uses a Cloud server that allows us to chat or phone our friends simultaneously with our friends on several devices.

Conversion of Language

The language conversion of IMO alone is also a particular function. The IMO has an embedded language converter to translate the text into a language that allows us to converse in a different language with individuals from various nations.

30+ Language Support

The IMO application supports nearly 30 languages. Of these languages, English is all the most commonly used.

Applications in German are also made accessible in IMO. Moreover, in the future updated edition, more new languages will be present.

Amazing Ringtone

The IMO has its perfect ring tone and is quite lovely to hear. The IMO loaded with your mobile number on many devices rings simultaneously when you get a call from a buddy. So with a separate device, you can answer the call.


IMO apk offers a message service that we may use IMO to communicate with individuals across the globe. Together with this IMO, several stickers reflect your feelings like symbols. More about chatting with pals with IMO feels incredible.


The confidentiality of messengers is required. Data protection offered by IMO is quite reasonable.

How to Download and Install IMO on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC?

As a free voice and video call application, IMO provides superb & smooth communication. However, you can also install IMO on your Windows PC and use the bigger screen of your PC for voice and video calls. Let’s see how you can install and download the IMO on your computer:

  1. Open your PC and visit for Chrome or any other web browser.
  1. Click on the Windows Desktop icon for IMO download.Click on the Windows Desktop icon for IMO download
  2. Select the location of your computer’s download for the ImoSetup file and click the Save button.
  3. Open the Imo Setup file with a double-click when the file is downloaded.Open the Imo Setup file
  4. Read the Service Conditions and click the Install button on the following screen.Start Install IMO
  5. Click on the Finish button when the installation is complete.IMO installation is complete

IMO Setup Process

Following the procedures below:

  • Open your computer’s IMO application (in case it is not already open).
  • To confirm that your phone contains IMO, click Yes! confirm your phone contains IMO
  • Select your country on the following display and enter your smartphone, the Phone number connected with your IMO account and click Continue. Phone number connected with your IMO account
  • You will now get the verification code.
  • Get your verification code from your mobile phone and enter the verification code on your Windows PC on your IMO screen (See image below). Enter IMO verification code
  • Press the Enter after you import the verification code on that box.

How to Uninstall IMO Messenger from your Windows PC?

  • Go to your Windows app settings. Click on the Windows Start button on your PC. Then Settings >> Apps >> Now type IMO in search box.
  • Click The icon of IMO app and press the Uninstall box and its done! click IMO app Uninstall button


  • Free HD Video Calling Service
  • You can create chat groups
  • Share your daily images on story
  • Hundreds of emoji and stickers
  • Encrypts any calls you make


  • Not that secure 
  • You have to install IMO on your mobile-first before opening a pc version

IMO & WhatsApp: Which One Is More Effective & Why?

Call applications for audio and video have now grown so famous and so renowned. Users may even phone their friends and relatives locally using these apps. Specific applications are unique and high-quality apps. However, some are not very beneficial or beneficial.

WhatsApp and IMO are the most prevalent and most widely used video and audio call applications. This is not just renowned for calling, but users enjoy these applications so much. Both Apps that utilize or not are confused by users.

WhatsApp is the most well-known message and calls software for users, and I believe practically every smartphone user uses it. It is not just prevalent for young people or business people. It is used and thus profited by even older adults and grandparents.

IMO is another beloved app used for audio and video calling that consumers worldwide utilize frequently! You can add and start talking or phoning your contacts at the IMO free of charge, but data fees might be applied.

Since it is an ancient application, WhatsApp has improved and has more functionality than IMO. WhatsApp was initially used for the message application, so it is incredibly rapid and robust for communication. The new IMO App needs further enhancements and functionality. IMO is renowned for calling audio and video.

If you choose one from two for video calling purposes, then I will select IMO over Whatsapp. Cause video calling at IMO is more smooth & easy than Whatsapp. But for chatting & messaging, I will choose Whatsapp.


1. What do you think: Is IMO safe to use on your mobile?

Answer: Yes, secure to use the IMO application. But not 100% safe. You can be lost your data anytime by third-party involvement. If you can use it properly, then it’s hard to hack your data from IMO. Messages and calls made using this application are securely encrypted. This signifies that only users can examine their video and call history.

2. Can I Install IMO Free on My Pc & Mobile?

Answer: Yes, you may download and use the IMO app entirely free of charge. Without paying any payment, you may download and use the program. Because it is an application dependent on the Internet, a regular internet is required to utilize this program. It indicates that your carrier network is subject to ordinary internet rates.

3. Is it possible to track IMO calls?

Answer: Either text, pictures, audio or video, may track by the IMO spy messenger: TheOneSpy Chat function. It targets via IMO. You will be able to access one-on-one chats, group conversations, sharing the material and virtually all of them within a few minutes of using it.

4. Is IMO keeping video calling?

Answer: All information in your history of IMO conversation will be collected, saved and stored for up to 90 days, with photographs, voice messages, video, stickers, and missed calls.

Without your specific consent, they will not record or preserve your live video or audio chat material.

Final Word

Imo is one of the world’s finest video callers. It is developed to make video calls and chat with people worldwide in real-time utilizing the latest programming technologies. The software saves money on phone calls and SMSs as one of the advantages of using it. Our tutorial will certainly help you to use IMO app on your PC.

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