How to use iMessage For PC Windows 11/10/7

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Are you wondering how to use iMessage for PC Windows?

One billion people across the world own an iPhone. Although it’s a sought-after device, it’s not the only one. iPhone users understand why some of their messages are displayed in blue bubbles while others are displayed in green.

This is Apple’s method to inform you whether you send an SMS or an iMessage. When the text is in green, you’ll be sending an SMS. If it’s blue, you’ll make an iMessage.

There are many messaging apps such as Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and iMessage. It’s not easy to determine which one is the best for you since there are both SMS and iMessaging features on your phone. Why does the iPhone change between these two?

If you’re paying for a data plan through your mobile phone company, you’ll probably use both iMessage and SMS to stay in touch with your family and friends. Find out how iMessage operates and how it could be a useful option for other message applications on Apple devices.

What’s iMessage?

iMessage is a no-cost and secure messaging app you can access for devices like your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac laptop. It was released in 2011 along with the release of iOS 5, but in the time since its launch, iMessage has allowed users to send:

  • Messages
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Stickers

for other Apple devices through the Internet.

It’s different from the messaging app, the default messaging app for your smartphone. Also known as an “over-the-top” (OTT) application, iMessage doesn’t need cell data for operation. It requires only access to the Internet. Furthermore, if you send messages using Wi-Fi, there’s no charge for sending the message either.

It’s crucial to note that iMessage can be described as a text messaging program that only works with Apple devices. If you attempt sending an iMessage message to an Android phone, it will send it in the form of a text message (green message) instead of an iMessage (blue).

If you’re able to access both Wi-Fi and a data plan with your phone company, you’ll probably switch between SMS or iMessage based on:

  • When you’re connected via Wi-Fi
  • If you have a data package
  • If you’re talking to other Apple users

Are you not a lover of iMessage? You can disable it in your settings. It means your mobile will send messages with green color shortly.

What is iMessage For Windows PC?

iMessage on Windows is a subject that is often discussed or debated on the Internet and with users. In the case of Apple’s iMessage, everybody wants to use its fantastic capabilities for the messaging service it offers straight out of the box. There is no doubt that most users might be using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger However, it is also true that iMessage is popular among the options. Users who use Windows users would love the iMessage service from Apple. In the wake of this, the most important question that pops into your mind is whether it is possible to download iMessage on Windows? Is it possible for someone who is not an Apple user to access this feature online? It’s likely yes. Indeed, you can now install iMessage to Windows 10.

Benefits of iMessage

Although certain iPhone users choose to turn off iMessage however, it comes with a lot of benefits that they won’t receive with ordinary SMS messages, like:

  • Secure messages: Secure your messages confidential with iMessage’s secure end-to-end encryption.
  • Share your location: If you’re on an adventure and want to share your travel place with other iMessage users, make sure they’re updated on your estimated arrival time.
  • Voice memos: Are you tired of writing? Make messages with just your voice via iMessage.
  • Delivery confirmation of messages: You will know that someone read your message by observing the checkmark next to your message on iMessage.
  • Reader receipts: You can also confirm if someone took your message and read it using the read receipts of iMessage.
  • The real-time type: Don’t shut down your iMessage application just now! The real-time dots in your typing will inform you whether your friend hasn’t finished with their message.
  • Interactive features such as stickers, GIFs, and music: Text messages can become boring. This is the reason why iMessage offers interactive multimedia features to spice up your conversations.
  • Pay and receive using Apple Pay: Merge your Apple Pay account with iMessage to pay and receive secure payment via your friends.
  • Messaging on iPads: There’s no have to get your children an iPhone to keep connected with them. Set up iMessage onto an iPad to keep in contact when linked to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Since it is Wi-Fi enabled, iMessage is perfect for chatting. You don’t require costly international phone service to stay connected: connect to Wi-Fi to communicate with your network regardless of where you live. iMessage also syncs with the cloud, which means that should you purchase an upgrade to your phone, you’ll be able to save your entire message on the new device.

How to Use iMessage For Windows 10 PC?

Here are some ways to access Apple iMessage on PC.

Method 1: Using Chrome Remote Desktop

  • You will require a Windows PC and Mac laptop to follow this way.
  • Start by opening Google Chrome and installing Chrome Remote Desktop by clicking “Add to Chrome.” This process must be performed across both devices.

  • Once the authorization message pops up, take it in, then accept it, and then install the application.
  • Start the application on your Windows PC by clicking on the icon after entering Chrome: //apps.
  • In the same manner step, open Mac to download this Chrome Remote Desktop host installer. Once it’s set up, restart your Chrome Remote Desktop extension on Mac.
  • Turn on the remote connection button.
  • Make an account with a PIN, and then confirm it. Your following pop-up window is already enabled for iMessage for Windows 10 PC.

Method 2: Using iPadian Emulator

It is free to use, and iMessage on a Windows 10 computer can be linked with the iPadian Emulator.

Step 1: Install your iPadian Emulator from the website on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Install it on PC and run the Emulator. Accept all terms and conditions before continuing.

Step 3: Search for application iMessage using the app’s search bar. Then, click on the app to install it on your Windows PC.

After downloading, you can use Apple iMessage for your PC without difficulty.

Method 3: Using Cloud Service ‘Cydia’

Again, there is no need to jailbreak your device! To do this, ensure that your computer and your iOS device are both connected with the same WiFi.

  • Download Cydia from the app store on your iOS device and computer.
  • After installing, you can start Options > Remote Messaging.
  • Tap the option to authenticate within the newly opened Window and enable the application to continue using it.
  • Next, you’ll need to input your Username and Password.
  • The time is now to launch an internet browser on your PC and enter the IP address in the enable tab and then type in the colon.
  • Press Enter step and your password and user’s details are displayed. That is all for setup completion.

This is how you get the iMessage app for Windows PC.

How to Use iMessage On Windows?

iMessage is downloaded on its Windows PC finally. However, if you think about using it right now, we will tell you how to use it.

  • Launch the iMessage application on your Windows PC.
  • Click on Settings, and then tap the iMessage icon. Then, create an account with your Apple ID.
  • Click on the “Compose” button to compose a message and send it. In addition, you can attach files by clicking the Attach button and then sending them.



iMessage is a safe, less expensive, and more engaging method that allows Apple users to connect to their loved ones and friends. Remember that iMessages don’t work the same as SMS. You need to know how they work so that you can pick the option which is most suitable for your wallet, friends, and your family.

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