How to Delete Venmo Account: Complete Guide 2022

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You can utilize a variety of apps in your daily life. You might use Venmo for a while. After you gave it a try, Venmo wasn’t for you. Furthermore, since Venmo is linked to your bank account, you shouldn’t simply keep it inactive. Your Venmo account needs to be deleted. Then, how to delete your Venmo account successfully?

Using a computer browser, sign in and proceed to your account settings. At the bottom of the page, click “Delete my Venmo account.” By following these instructions, you can also delete your Venmo account from the app:

  • Go to the “Me” tab in the Venmo app by tapping your image or initials.
  • In the top right corner, tap the Settings gear. blobid1.png
  • Click “Account” in the “Preferences” menu.
  • Select “Delete Account on Venmo.”

We’ll guide you through each step, so you understand everything. Continue reading, and let’s stick with it.

What is Venmo? 

For private parties, Venmo offers a free platform for transferring money between private parties, with the option to fund transactions via credit card for a small fee. You can pay and request money from your pals using Venmo. When you owe your pals money but don’t want to deal with cash, Venmo offers a social way to pay them. For instance:

  • Dividing the cost of a meal.
  • Half a cab price for your friend
  • Transferring your share of the rent to your roommate

How Does Venmo Operate?

Essentially, Venmo is a cashless method of sending and receiving funds. For instance, you can split a restaurant bill with a coworker, pay for a shared taxi journey with your aunt, or send your roommate your share of the rent using Venmo.

But Venmo has more features than that. You can also:

  • Use Venmo’s Mastercard debit card to make purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted in the United States.
  • Pay for purchases made from reputable Venmo partners via apps and mobile websites.
  • Make a Venmo purchase using a QR code in-store.
  • Cash some checks after establishing your identity by requesting a Venmo debit card or establishing a direct deposit.
  • Enroll in direct deposit so that your paycheck arrives in your Venmo account directly, up to two days before your regular payday.
  • Get price notifications for the four cryptocurrencies you can purchase, sell, or hold using Venmo: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Both iOS and Android devices can use the Venmo app.


Be Aware of This Before Closing a Venmo Account

  • Download a copy of each transaction before deleting your Venmo account so you have it for your records. Once your account is deleted, you won’t be able to access these details.
  • Second, transfer any money still in your Venmo account that is available to your bank account. If you don’t, you’ll have to get in touch with Venmo to collect your money.
  • Last but not least, be aware that when you cancel your Venmo account, it will also delete any business profiles connected to it. If you just wish to deactivate your business profile, not your personal one, get in touch with Venmo.

How to Delete Your Venmo Account

You may quickly remove your Venmo account; however, you cannot do so from a mobile device; you will need to do it from a desktop computer. Before you can delete your Venmo account, you need to be certain that there are no pending transactions and that there is no money in the account itself.

After you remove your Venmo account, your transaction history and personal and financial information will be deleted. To safeguard your Venmo transaction history, save the last email that includes it.

  • Use a desktop browser to access your Venmo account. You cannot close an account on a mobile device or via the app.
  • Search for unfinished transactions. On the site, click “Incomplete,” and take care of any outstanding transactions there to be sure you don’t have any.
  • Make your balance zero. Click “Transfer Money” on the homepage to send any money in your Venmo account to your bank account. Any funds that are still in your Venmo account when you close your account won’t be accessible to you without getting in touch with Venmo.
  • At the bottom of the Settings screen, click “Close My Venmo Account” after opening Settings.
  • Look for a confirmation in your email. After your account is canceled, you’ll get one final email with your transaction history.

How to Delete a Venmo Account for a Deceased Person

You might need to delete someone else’s Venmo account if you manage their digital legacy. Eliminating any superfluous accounts, such as a Venmo account, is a crucial step in the post-loss checklist. Because Venmo is associated with money, leaving it open could be dangerous. Fortunately, removing a deceased person’s Venmo account is easy to do.

To remove a deceased loved one’s Venmo account, follow these instructions.

  • Try logging in.
  • Message Venmo

Try logging in

Try logging in if you know the username and password of your deceased loved one. Then, by performing the aforementioned procedures, you can delete it.

You can also choose “Reset Password” if you can access their email. Or you might be able to access their phone if you are in charge of their complete digital legacy. They can modify the login information if they have the Venmo app. In this manner, you can delete it from a computer after logging in.

Call Venmo

There is no set policy for family members to adhere to when using Venmo. Try calling Venmo at 855-812-4430 if you are unable to access your loved one’s account and explain the circumstances. Additionally, be ready to send them critical documents like your ID and their death certificate through fax or email.

How to Remove Venmo From Your iPhone Account

Unfortunately, there is no method to follow to remove your account. Although Venmo is highly dependent on mobile devices, including phones, there is currently no way to deactivate your account via the mobile app. However, if you’ve decided to terminate your Venmo account, there are several crucial preparation tasks that you can complete via the app.

Creating Space

You must move all money still in your Venmo account to another location before deleting it. You can nearly accomplish this by transferring the money to your linked bank account. As an alternative, you might send the money to a friend or relative, or you could just spend it.

Remember that all bank account transfers take two to three days, regardless of the situation. You can choose a quick transfer; however, there will be a cost of $10 or 1% of the total, whichever is smaller. The immediate choice requires roughly 30 minutes.

You can use the app to delete your bank information from your account after your balance is exactly zero (to be clear, it must be zero). Here is how to accomplish it:

  • Launch the app, then sign in.
  • Go to Settings by tapping the three bars menu.
  • The bank account you want to delete can be found under Payment Methods.
  • All of your bank account information will be removed from Venmo after you press “Remove bank.”

Following these steps, the app will no longer be able to assist you in canceling your account.

Completing the task of

You must use your computer to complete the procedure.

You will now receive an email with a list of your financial transactions and a confirmation that your Venmo account has been closed. After receiving the email, visit the Venmo website and attempt to log in using your credentials one more time, just to be sure. You won’t be able to log in even though everything went according to plan.

Removing the Venmo app from your iPhone is completely safe once you’ve established that no such account exists.

How Do I Delete My Venmo Account on Android?

As previously stated, you cannot delete or deactivate your Venmo account through the mobile app. You must do this using a browser on a computer or smartphone. The process is the same.

  • Launch the Venmo app, then log in.
  • Click on your Venmo account under the My Accounts tab.
  • Decided to delete the account.
  • By using the button below, you can confirm the deletion.


Does It Delete a Venmo Account After It Is Closed?

Before canceling your account, you must transfer any funds in it to your bank account or return them to their sender. Any funds that are still in your Venmo account when you close your account won’t be accessible to you without getting in touch with Venmo once more.

Why Is It So Difficult to Remove My Account From Venmo?

If there are funds in your account or active transactions, Venmo won’t let you close your account. One of two actions is required. The money can always be sent back to the sender. Transfer the money into your bank account if you want to keep it.

Is Creating a New Venmo Account with the Same Number Possible?

The temporary phone number technique can be used to get around Venmo’s prohibition against having two accounts with the same phone number. The DoNotPay app, the Receive SMS website, and iMessage are the services indicated in the preceding section that you can use.

Can a Frozen Venmo Account Be Deleted?

Your Venmo frozen account can be deleted by following the instructions below. After logging in to your account, go to “Settings.” The “Delete My Account” option can be found by scrolling down the settings menu. You must enter your password if you’re certain you will delete your account.

What Will Happen if You Owe Money to Venmo?

The simplest way to get your Venmo account back in working condition is to pay the bill with a debit card. The payment may also be made via your bank, but keep in mind that it can take a few days for the transaction to be processed. Your account will be restored once Venmo gets the necessary amounts to replace the missed payment.

Final Words

  • Beyond just allowing customers to send and receive money, Venmo provides a variety of features. However, users of Venmo or those considering utilizing Venmo should be aware that some of these services do not come for free. Some of Venmo’s services are subject to fees. Users have the option to change their minds and deactivate their Venmo accounts. We’ve covered every possible method for deleting a Venmo account.
  • How can a Venmo account be terminated? It’s not that challenging. You will know what to do if you take the actions this article suggests. We think you’ll find this article useful.
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