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The popularity of Tinder and other matchmaking services over the past few years indicates that online dating is already a common practice. was established two decades ago and is the oldest online dating service. Numerous people have found true love through the site, and many more will do so in the future.

The time might come when you don’t want or need this service. You might have found the love you wanted, or it wasn’t your type of thing, and you want to delete Match account. Therefore, it’s important to know how to delete your account. Consequently, this article will provide insight into how to delete your Match account. Let’s dive in.

What is Match?

Online dating site connects singles worldwide regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or language. Having sites in 15 languages and operations in 24 countries, has contributed to the growth of the online dating industry. 

Additionally, it comes with apps for iOS and Android. It’s Match’s mission to help singles find a relationship they’ll love. Match claims to connect thousands of people each month with love.

It offers singles a variety of writing spaces where they can express themselves. Your profile can include up to 26 images and preferences for the person you’re looking for. Meanwhile, other Match users can browse photos and read about nearby matches.

As per Match’s privacy policies, members’ identities and contact information are kept confidential unless they voluntarily disclose them. Customer Care reviews each profile and image before posting it to the website to protect community integrity.

What Happens When You Delete or Deactivate Your Account?

Match will deactivate your profile within 24 hours after you delete your account. It will prevent you from using your account or any of its features. Additionally, you won’t be able to send or receive messages from anyone you added. To join Match again, you must start over by creating a new account.

You won’t get matches, alerts, or emails when temporarily deactivating your account. There will be no visibility of your profile to potential matches. Nevertheless, your information will remain the same if you return to Match later.

How to Delete Account

When you delete your Match account, you will lose all of your chat history and matches, along with your entire Match profile. Neither you nor other Match users can see their profiles. You can reactivate the account within a year. 

Don’t forget to turn off the auto-renewal function for the Match subscription. Still, want to delete your Match account? The following methods are straightforward ways to delete Match accounts. Now let’s get started.

How to Delete Match Account Through Android App?

Although you can’t delete Match account, you can cancel your subscription and hide your account from searches in the Match app. Cancel your Match subscription and hide your account from Match searches with the guide below.

  1. From your device’s home screen, launch the Match app.
  2. Log in to your account if necessary.
  3. When you access your account, tap the “Menu Option” (three horizontal lines) near the top left corner of the screen.
  4. From the menu tab that appears, tap “Settings.”.
  5. In the Settings section, click on the “Profile” Visibility option. When you click Profile Visibility, there are choices. Click the “Hidden” button to conceal your profile. If you choose Private, only your friends can see your account.
  6. Next, go back to your device’s home screen, click and hold the Match app, and then drag it to the trash or uninstall it.

These steps will show you how to hide your Match account using an Android app. However, you can’t delete Match account this way. It’s best to delete the Match account through web browsers. The following section will explain how to delete Match account via the web browser.

How to Delete Match Account on the Web Browser?

A account and your username and password are required to delete your account. Follow the instructions below to delete your Match account.

  1. Select any web browser on your device and open it.
  2. Go to with your browser. match login page
  3. Then, log in with your email address and password to your account. match sign in page
  4. On the top right corner of the page, click the settings icon and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu. match settings icon
  5. Select “Manage Membership” from the settings page. match Manage Membership page
  6. Match will require you to reenter your password when you are accessing the sensitive part of the site. Click “Continue” after entering the password. match reenter password
  7. Before proceeding, be sure to cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal. You can do this by clicking “Subscription Status”.
  8. Click on “Cancel Membership and Remove profile” once you have checked your subscription status. Match Cancel Membership and Remove profile
  9. It’s done, and you’ve deleted your Match account. You’ll get a notice about canceling your membership.

Afterward, the Match account will be temporarily inactive and disappear after 365 days. Using the same username and password, you can return to and begin using it again.

Remember that you only have 365 days to do this before permanently deletes your profile.

Cancel Match Subscription From Match

You can cancel your Match subscription through your Android app or web browser. The following section shows both methods for canceling a Match subscription.

How to Cancel a Match Subscription on Android 

You can cancel your Match subscription via the Google Play Store if you use an Android device and have access to your email. The following instructions will help you cancel your subscription.

  1. Open Google Play Store from your Android device’s home screen.
  2. At the top right of your screen, tap the profile icon. google play store profile icon
  3. Once the menu panel appears, select Google Account.
  4. Get a list of all your subscriptions by tapping on Payments & Subscriptions. google play store Payments & Subscriptions
  5. Then, tap Manage Subscriptions. google play store Manage Subscriptions
  6. Select Match from the list of subscriptions.
  7. Once you’ve selected cancel the subscription, click on the Yes button to confirm your cancellation. After that, your Match subscription will stop making automatic payments.

How to Cancel a Match Subscription on a Web Browser

You can cancel Match subscriptions using your web browser using the following instructions.

  1. Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Click the Gear icon and Settings under the Gear icon once logged in.
  3. You’ll see Account Setting on your screen as soon as you click on Settings.
  4. Choose the Change/Cancel Membership option.
  5. You’ll need to enter your password and reenter it in the respective text field.
  6. After that, click on the Continue Cancellation button to cancel your match account subscription.
  7. Finally, click Cancel Membership and Remove profile; then click Back to My

You can cancel your subscription on the web by following these steps.


How Can I Hide My Profile on Match?

A single method won’t work for everyone when hiding your profile on Deleting your account is an option, but you will also lose all your matches and connections. In addition to keeping others from seeing your profile, changing your settings to “Private” may make it harder for other users to find you.

What Causes People to Suspend Their Match Profiles?

Some people want to suspend their profiles for a variety of reasons. Possibly, they are not searching online for dates as they have already found someone offline. Maybe they aren’t dating at all right now. The website is no longer useful to them because of its negative experience. Alternatively, they may think they are wasting too much time on virtual world activities.

How Do You Delete the Match App from Your Phone?

Even though there are several ways to remove your phone applications, you should adhere to a simple strategy. Almost all phones will allow you to press down on the app. Once you’ve selected the Match application, drag it to the top trash can of your home screen. Alternatively, click the “x” in the app’s corner. You will have to confirm your decision when you choose to remove it.

Where do I Find My Account Settings on

You can access your account settings in the top right corner of the screen. When you click on the gear icon, you’ll find “Account Settings.” From there, you can update your password, email settings, and your profile details.

When I Delete My Match Account, How Quickly Does My Info Disappear?

After you delete your Match account, your profile and images will remain on the service for a year, just in case you sign up again. However, they will be automatically hidden from other users.

Should I Create an Entirely New Account if I Decide to Change My Mind?

You can continue to sign in for up to a year after deleting your account. If you’re still interested in people, you can make your profile public again to see if anyone is still interested in you. It saves you from having to enter all of your information again.

Can You Delete Match Account at Any Time?

If you want to delete your Match account, you can do so anytime. If you prefer, you can use one of the abovementioned approaches most suitable for you and your device.

The Takeaway

It concludes our roundup about how to delete account. Our detailed lessons will show you how to delete a account correctly. You can contact Customer Support for additional assistance if you are still experiencing problems. Hope you found this information useful and learned how to delete your Match account permanently.

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