How to Delete DraftKings Account Step by Step in 2022

Draftkings is an online fantasy sports contest website that allows users to participate in fantasy sports contests and win prizes. Most people who are deleting their accounts from the website are receiving emails from the company, such as promotional or newsletter emails, which make their mailbox appear spammed. At the same time, other members claim that they found another contest website and want to delete their account from this one. The website allows users to establish or change account details, withdraw or deposit dollars, compete in sports, and watch events in real time. This article will go through the conditions for deleting DraftKings accounts and help you to delete DraftKings account.

Suppose you are canceling your account only because of their newsletter or mail. You can label the mail as spam by clicking the spam button at the top of your message or unsubscribe from the mail by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom. If your reasons are different, we will walk you through the process of deleting your Draftkings account.

What is DraftKings?

DraftKings is one of the best places to bet on sports online. Its services are available in many US states. DraftKings has become the best platform for daily fantasy sports, and it is starting to move in a way that could make it the sportsbook of the future in the United States. This comes a few months after the Supreme Court ruled that states can control sports betting in their areas. DraftKings wants to be the best sportsbook and daily fantasy sports platform in the whole country one day.

Both the US and Canada let people use DraftKings. A few US states prohibit daily fantasy. You can join a fantasy football contest on any given day. During the week, there seem to be between 2,000 and 3,000 people online. The number of users goes up a lot on the weekends. Finding a tournament, head-to-head, or 50/50 game will always be easy. There are many contests, and the prize money ranges from a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool to a $2 payout for a one-on-one battle.

What Happens When You Delete DraftKings Account?

  • You can delete your DraftKings sports betting account, but you can’t permanently delete your personal information.
  • Even though your account is closed, the company will keep your information if needed. So, if you open a new account in the future and try to use a bonus for new customers, they can find your old account and kick you out of the offer.
  • You won’t be able to play DraftKings games after you delete your account.
  • You will lose your bonuses for signing up or making a deposit.
  • You will lose everything you won. So make sure to get all of them out of your DraftKings account before you close it.

Delete DraftKings Account Using the Website

  1. Browse to “”
  2. If you follow the link, you will be redirected to the Contact Us page, where you will find the section “WANT TO SEND US A MESSAGE”.
  3. If you want to send them a text message, fill out the form on “MY ACCOUNT”.
  4. Enter your username, email address, and the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”
  5. Fill in the Message field with your genuine reason for deleting your account and click the “SUBMIT” button.

Delete DraftKings Account by Sending Mail

  1. Go to your Gmail account and sign in.
  2. Write “Please delete my DraftKings account” in the subject line.
  3. Write a clear email about what’s wrong with the site and why you want to get rid of it.
  4. Then you can ask the support team to remove your account and personal information from their database. Also, ask them to return any money you put into your account or deposited.
  5. Send the email to [email protected].Delete DraftKings Account by Sending Mail

All done! Now, wait for an email from the DraftKings support team with a response and confirmation.

Delete DraftKings Account from the Android

  1. To begin, launch the Google Play app and tap the “hamburger” menu in the upper/top left corner.Delete DraftKings Account from the Android 1
  2. After completing these steps, go to “My Apps and Games” and “Installed.”Delete DraftKings Account from the Android 2
  3. You’ll get a list of all the app installed on your phone.Delete DraftKings Account from the Android 3
  4. Select DraftKings and then click “uninstall.”Delete DraftKings Account from the Android 5

You can also use the search field to find the program you want to remove, then select and uninstall it.

How to Stop Your DraftKings Subscription on Android?

To cancel your DraftKings account on Android, you need to know more than to delete the DraftKings app. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Open up the Google Play Store first. Make sure you’re signed into a valid Google account if you have more than one.
  2. Go to “Subscriptions” by clicking on the menu.
  3. Tap “Cancel Subscription” next to the DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino subscription you want to cancel.

Your future subscriptions to DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino will be canceled and won’t renew after it has been removed from Google Play.

DraftKings – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to delete DraftKings account permanently?

Yes, you may erase undesired internet accounts whenever you want. Please send an email to their customer service staff.

Is it possible to change my DraftKings Account email address?

Yes. You may alter your email address or any other confidential information in your DraftKings account by simply amending it inside your account or submitting a request email to the DraftKings support staff.

How can I get unbanned my DraftKings Account?

If you have been terminated from your DraftKings account, you will most likely be unable to re-enter it. Furthermore, you will be unable to withdraw any funds from the account.

If you have not done anything to cause your DraftKings to be blocked, you may be able to regain access by contacting DraftKings customer service.

Why is my DraftKings account restricted?

Many things could have caused your account to be limited. Someone trying to break into your account is one of the most common reasons. DraftKings may do this to keep your account from getting into the wrong hands.

Reason for Restricted Draftkings Account.

  • On DraftKings, a person can only have one account. Most likely, your DraftKings account is limited because you have more than one/ 2-3 accounts with the same name and address.
  • Using scripts or tools outside the site is not allowed to change lineups, enter, or make contests. If you do these things, your account will be closed.
  • You can’t work together on DraftKings to win a contest. It will cause your account to be shut down.
  • Using a VPN or any other software that can hide your actual location while playing on DraftKings
  • When you try to log in to your DraftKings account from another different IP address than usual, DraftKings may think that your account has been hacked and lock you out for a short time to stop the hackers from taking over your account.

Can I make a bitcoin deposit?

Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legal and widely recognized, DraftKings does not currently support them. Now, the only method to utilize cryptocurrency to finance your DraftKings account is to cash it out to a bank or PayPal account and then put the money back into your DraftKings account.

How can I withdraw funds from my DraftKings account?

Some of you may be considering the withdrawal procedure as well, so here it is:

  • Open the game first, then log in.
  • Enter your username and password, then click the log-in button.
  • Select My account on the top right side.
  • Choose to Withdraw funds from my account.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Select Request withdrawal.

As a result, your withdrawal is complete. The withdrawal money will be sent into your account, PayPal, or whichever payment method you choose during the withdrawal request within 2-7 working days.

Is it safe to use a DraftKings account?

Yes. DraftKings is completely secure and safe. It is legal to play real-money fantasy football, baseball, or any other sport unless a state has explicit laws against it.

Terms and Conditions for Registering with DraftKings.

New bettors are welcome to use the platform but must follow a few rules. First, people can only bet real money online if they are physically located in a state that lets them do so. Make sure you follow the other vital rules listed here:

  • You must be at least 21 (twenty-one) years old to open an account;
  • Each person can only have one account;
  • Professional or amateur athletes, coaches, and people who work for DraftKings are not allowed to play.

Final Words

With more than 8 million customers, DraftKings is one of the world’s biggest daily fantasy sports firms. For the majority of its competitions, DraftKings offers cash rewards. We have supplied you with a step-by-step tutorial and explained all the actions you need to take if you want to cancel or delete your account on the DraftKings platform. So, follow the same steps outlined above to delete DraftKings account.

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