Google Play Store For PC – Download For Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

Don’t you want to launch your favorite game on your mobile phone?

No need to be disappointed. By using your PC, you can run your game or your favorite apps as well. For launching your apps on your PC that belong to the mobile gadget, you should download the play store first. So, the Goole Play Store is important for any smart device.

Play Store was launched on March 6, 2012, bringing every Android market together. Every type of Android app that you can use by Google Play Store. Google play store brings happiness that relates to the convenient and easy installing process.

So, we are going to explain how to install the Google Play Store for PC below. So, stay with this article.

What Is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is a marketing platform, where you find any types of digital app you want. Google Play Store is the only app center. You will find every type of app in this marketplace. The Google Play Store started life in 2008. It launched only for the purpose to distribute apps and games.

In the beginning, this Android Market was extremely basic. At that time, it doesn’t support paid apps till 2009. One thing will surprise you. Google play store is not just an only app store. You can find music, movies, and books also in the Google Play store. The bookstore became Google Play Books and the music became Google Play Music all found in the play store.

The Google Play Store is installed on Android phones and tablets and also on PC as the central location for downloading and purchasing content. Another thing is, that the store content areas Google Play Music and Google Play Books are available to other platforms, such as iPhone and iPad. Through a web browser, Google Play can access everywhere.

If you want any digital goods from Google, The Play Store is a platform where you need to go.

Why Use Google Play Store For PC?

The previous time, we discussed shortly that most of using the Google Play Store for getting apps for our Android devices. But if your android device can’t run an app or a game that you want most. You can use this Android app on your PC by downloading it from the Google Play store through an emulator. That should be a reason to use the Google Play Store for PC.

There are some online mobile games played on Android devices. But some gamers do not feel comfortable playing their games on Android devices. They can use their PC for playing Android games through an emulator.

Besides, Mobile gadgets are comfortable for all. Cause, you can bring it everywhere in your pocket. But, when the point will come with satisfaction, PC users always get satisfied by using PC.

The time of creating apps. When one app you will create and you want to upload this on Google Play store. This time you need to use a PC for the Google Play store.

We discussed in this passage this should be the cause of using the Google Play App on PC.

Features Of Play Store

Some satisfying features have the play store that you are noticed or don’t notice. Here we discuss features of the Play store.

Update Google Play By Itself:

Updating the Google Play store is an automatic process. You don’t need to take any trouble updating Google Play Store. If you want you can update google play manually by going to the Settings menu in the Google Play Android app.

Restrict Content on Google Play:

Some contents are not suitable for kids. These contents are age-restricted content. If you have kids at your home, you might take them away from those content. Those contents will harm them.

For this reason, there is a setting option that doesn’t allow any age-restricted thing. That’s a great feature of the Google Play Store.

Stop other people from buying an app on your account

Most people add their credit cards to their google play store. And there have a chance someone purchase apps from your account, it will be your younger brother or the kids who lived with you.

For that, the google play store takes a step. Only you can purchase content by enabling authentication. Go to seetings> Require authentication for purchases.

Install android apps directly from your computers.

­­you can visit your google play on your computer browsers and install apps and from the google play store without touching your mobile phone. You can install and download this app.

For this installation, on your phone, you will find a notification. Which may notify you that your account is used and devices that type of things. It also has a great feature most people likes.

See ratings and reviews you have made on google play:

As we told you before, the Google play store is an online marketing platform from there you can get apps free or by purchase. So if you need an app, you must judge this first. For this judgment, there has a feature, which shows ratings and reviews of this app.

After seeing those ratings, you can choose the best app for you. And also you give can rate any app. Everyone can give a rate.

How to Download and Install Google Play Store on Windows 11/10/7 PC and Mac?

There is no way to install Google Play Store directly on your windows or PC. You should go through an Android emulator which simulates an android app on your PC. There are many Android emulators in the market. We will use two emulators to show you the methods of installing the Google Play Store. Those emulators are Bluestacks 5 and LDPlayer 4. Now, we will show you the write-down below in two methods.

Method 1: Download and Install Play Store using BlueStacks

Step 1: First, you open your favorite browser and click on the search bar and write and then press on enter key on your keyboard. Now, you see a colorful page which is the welcome page of Bluestacks 5. You see we marked a button in this picture we set down below. So guys click on that button.

BlueStacks Download page

Step 2: After Clicking you will see Blustacks .exe download too fast. And you will see a .exe file state on the left bottom of this page. Now click on that file.

Step 3: Bluestacks downloading and install by its way you haven’t do anything. For your help, we set a picture of the installation.

BlueStacks install button

Step 4: So, completing the installation, you will be able to see the front page of the Bluestacks emulator. On this front page, you see an icon of the Google Play Store. Image for your understanding.

BlueStacks Android emulator open

Step 5: Now, guys just tap a single click on this marked icon. After clicking, the Google Play Store is open. But they want to set up your email account. You should sign in with the play store. Here we put an image for you.

BlueStacks gmail sign in

Step 7: Finally, you see the front page of the Play Store. And there have also a search bar. Where you can search for apps that you want. The image shows way below.

Google Play Store on BlueStacks

Method 2: Download and Install Play Store using BlueStacks

Step 1: First you have to download the LDPlayer emulator from google search. Or you can download it from this link:

After visiting the link, you will see a Download button on the page. Click on the button which is shown in the image below. Automatically download processing will start and then wait until the download process is done.

LDPlayer Download page

Step 2: After that, you have to find the downloaded file and open it to install the emulator.

Step 3: Now, LDPlayer is installed. It will take a little time. Here we give a picture down below.

LDPlayer installing process

Step 4: Then you will see the home screen of LDPlayer. On this home page, we marked an app that is called Google Play Store. For your understanding, we give you a picture of that.

Google Play Store on LDPlayer on home screen

Step 4: Now, click the Google Play Store then you will see Gmail sign-in button. Click on the sign-in button. After clicking the sign-in button you the sign-in options. This option required your Email or Phone number. By your email and phone number, you have to sign in. See the picture we set for your understanding.

LDPlayer Play Store Gmail Sign in

Step 5: After sign in, the play store is open and you can search any app on the search bar. And enjoy Google Play Store on your PC/Laptop

Google Play Store On LDPlayer

Pros And Cons Of Google Play Store


  • You will get all the important apps in one place. You don’t need to find another place.
  • It is a huge library for any kind of android software.
  • Every category of software anyone can upload to the google play store.
  • All the apps or software in Google Play Store are safe and decent. No malware or virus can affect the library.
  • Any developer can contribute to Google Play Store if it is decent enough at Google Play Stores’ eye.


  • Always wants o get you the updated version of all the apps.


1. Is Using Google Play Store on PC Safe?

Answer: Yes, Google Play Store is safe for your PC. Play Store is the safest place for installing the apps.

2. How can I use Google Play Store on a PC without Emulator?

Answer: You cannot get directly Play Store on your PC.

3. Is the Google Play Store app free download?

Answer: you will find lots of popular and important apps free. But some apps demand money or paid version to get the service.

4. How do I enable Google Play?

Answer: go to your setting option, find the apps list. Among them find the Goole Play Store, go to its option and Enable the configuration.

5. Is Google Play Store safe for a child?

Answer: Yes, with an email address of under 18, you don’t need to be a worry for your child. Play store restricted all the adult and harmful apps for the child.

Final Word

At last, we want to say getting Google Play Store for PC is not the easy way but in our article, we explained it simply and step-wise. Now you should install the play store on your PC. And enjoy the ultimate smart technology with your PC or laptop.

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