How to use Google Messages For Web on Windows 11/10/7 PC and Mac

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Google Messages For Web

Since its inception, Apple’s iMessage has been the number 1 spot in the messaging application market. Since this is an Apple product, iMessage isn’t available for all users, excluding iPhone users. While other Android phones typically come with messaging apps specific to the brand, none have been able to match iMessage’s quality of service. It’s because some brands don’t have the same popularity as Apple and can’t be as competitive.

Which brand is better to challenge one of the most powerful tech companies than Google?

Being a massive and powerful tech giant, Google is well in a position to compete against iMessage.

However, will Google Messages for Web rival the iMessage of Apple?

If you’re an Android user, this article will tell you everything you should know about Google Messages for Web.

What is Google Messages For Web?

It’s normal not to be familiar with Google Messages for the Web because it wasn’t a huge hit when it was released. You can understand that Google Messages has improved and is now more user-friendly than when it first launched in the past few years. It’s also a potential competitor to Apple’s iMessage, which ruled the market long. But it’s not just another messenger service similar to Facebook Messenger. Let’s discuss the various elements that make up Google Messages for the Web and why they’re different.

Why use Messages on the Web?

Let’s look at five reasons why you should begin making use of messages from the web for your company,

So let’s take a look at 5 reasons to start with messages that you can post on the web to promote your business.

1. Immediate delivery

In terms of delivery, SMS is fairly fast and effective, taking only a couple of minutes to reach an enormous audience. It’s rare to send rapid and efficient message personalization to a target audience at this speed.

2. Results immediately

Then you will be able to view the people who have received the document, together with other information like those who downloaded it and read about it and, of course, the most important that is the ones who have replied.

3. Personal

Since it’s sent directly to every customer because it’s sent directly to each client, SMS is a personal message. Mobile phones are extremely personal devices, and therefore people are more likely to respond more quickly and personally. This can be improved by sending an individual message to every person. It will surely draw their interest.

Potential customers are much more likely to provide you with their email addresses than provide their mobile numbers. Therefore, you should keep an email database as well. However, this shows how personal their number is. When you’ve established an address, your customers are likely to be more responsive to your messages since they have invited you to join them.

4. Cost-effective

Text messages are affordable and are especially affordable if you buy the bulk. There is no other method of marketing that can provide the same results at a lower cost, especially when compared with traditional methods of marketing like radio, TV, or print media.

5. Simple and simple

Because of its ease of use and accessibility, SMS has become a widely used communication method. Everybody knows how to open, read and send messages. Furthermore, due to the limit on size (160 characters), messages are short, clear, and clear to the main point.

Key Features of Google Messages Web

The 9 elements are discussed below.

1. Send Message via Web Browser

Did you know that you can answer your text messages using your computer’s browser?

Yes, you can. Google Messages is also available in any browser that runs on Android phones.

2. Enabling RCS Chat Features

Traditional SMS/MMS messages do not have the capability of encryption that is end-to-end. This is among the advantages of a variety of messaging platforms that are short compared to traditional SMS. In Google Messages, you can enable RCS which lets the messaging app function as a chat application. It allows you to access chat groups and type indicators, read receipts, and more.

3. Schedule Messages

If you want to send an SMS message at a specific time, you don’t intend to lose it. Google Messages gat you. It is possible to compose a text message to send it out at a particular date and time.

4. Use Bubble Chat Heads

Bubble” is a feature that Facebook has added to its app “Bubble” feature will allow you to display an immediate pop-up when you receive messages. It functions the same as it does with the Facebook Messenger app. When you click on the bubble icon, it will direct you directly to the message without switching apps. The bubble can be moved to any spot on the screen and deleted by moving it off its edge screen.

5. Make Special or Important Messages

If you require a reference to a text message for any reason, you’ll need to be able to label the text. Google Messages allows you to mark messages to make them easier to reference.

6. Set Message Reminders

There is a reason(s) it is necessarily required to act on the text email later on in the day. Naturally, you do not want to lose the message. This is where reminders for messages can help.

7. Location Sharing

Like Google Maps, you can also share your location using Google Messages.

8. Search Messages

It is one of the more common functions available in Google Messages. This feature allows you to look up a specific message to recall an expression or word in the message.

9. Pin Conversations

Google Messages also allows users to pin messages at the top of their messages list, as with many chat applications. Users can pin up to three messages. When you change into Messages on the Web, the three-pin messages will be first in the list.

How to use Google Messages Web on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC and Laptop?

Google Messages is the default SMS and text messaging app for many Android phones. It’s an extremely powerful tool with many tricks to play with and lets users check the phone’s text messages via their personal computer.

Yes, applications like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram provide the same features, but if you’d prefer to make use of Google Messages for your texting needs, this article shows how to make use of Messages on your computer desktop.

Before We Get Started

One thing to keep in mind before getting down to business. It isn’t possible to use Google Messages on your desktop computer unless you have Google Messages installed on your Android device. Google Messages app installed on your Android device.

If your device doesn’t come without the application, don’t worry. It is possible to download it from the Play Store and then make it your primary messaging app on your phone.

How to get started using Google Messages on the web

To start with Google Messages on your PC, you will need to open this page using your web browser:

After you’ve logged onto the Google Messages web page is loaded within your browser, you’ll be able to see the following instructions appear at the top of the page.

The first thing to do is return to your phone and open Google Messages app. Click at the 3 vertical dots on the upper-right corner. Select “Device Pairing” and then the Click “QR code scanner” button to begin.

It will then open a QR code scanner on your mobile. Place your phone’s camera on the computer’s display to scan the displayed QR code. Messaging for the Web should instantly load into your browser.

The Messages app will prompt you to keep this computer in mind so that you can sign in to your account right away following a visit to Google Messages. Google Messages web page in your browser. You can choose to do this however you’d like, but this isn’t a good idea when you’re sharing your computer with other people.

Now you can log in to Google Messages on your computer. Google Messages on your PC and send and reply to text messages even when you’re working on your computer, without picking up your phone.

When you’re ready to remove both devices, just click the three dots located on the right-hand side of the screen and choose “Un pair“. Select the option you want to confirm and you’re done.

How to Log Out of Google Messages for Web?

If you want to quit using your computer to text, then you can. Within your Android App, tap the hamburger button, then select the option to use web-based messaging. Then, at the end of the page, you can sign out of one computer by pressing X to the right or on all computers by pressing Unpair from all computers.

On the internet, click the hamburger button and then choose Unpair.

Pros and Cons of Google Messages Web

Every time a product launches and launches, it always has its benefits and disadvantages too. We have listed the pros and cons of Google Messenger.


  • Can be accessed on the internet
  • Highly Secured
  • Fast and Instant Messages
  • Rich Communication Support


  • No read receipt feature
  • No end-to-end encryption


Final Word

The reality that Google Messages only works with Android is a bummer. If you’re looking for that iMessage would be replaced across all of your platforms (Apple, Android, PC, and so on.), it’s not completely comprehensive. It’s necessary to switch between Apple’s iMessage and Google Messages for Web. However, it’s an excellent choice if you’re engaged in the Android-PC realm. This is especially true when you change Android brands and need to back up your text messages regardless of which one you’re using.

Furthermore, it is compatible with all browsers on the internet, which makes it an excellent choice. It’s easy to connect the phone to your computer to text via it. But, your phone will need to be constantly connected to the internet or wi-fi network for it to function effortlessly. However, it’s an excellent alternative if you’re looking for something like iMessage on an Android device.

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