How to Download and Install Facebook Messenger For PC Windows 11/10/8/7

Are you missing anyone of your childhood friends? Install Facebook Messenger for PC and start searching your lost friend.

Then, you write down his Facebook name on the Messenger app, and you will find him and be able to make contact with him in various ways.

Isn’t it cool! You can text, audio, and video calls with this smart massaging platform. You will be amazed to know that this facility is free for everyone.

Don’t you know how to install Facebook messenger for PC?

Don’tworry, we are going to give you a brief discussion about the all methods that you can install the messenger and use for your communication. The methods are explained with understandable terms and images. So that anyone can install it on their PC. So, stay tuned.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Messenger is a messaging platform that helps us communicate with others easily through the internet. Anyone can make instant messaging with this app. By using messenger we can communicate with anyone from any corner of our world. You can make texts, audio calls, or video calls to your other friends or a group.

With this app, you can share your photos or videos with others. If you don’t know any of your friend’s locations just write down his Facebook id name in the search button on messenger, and it will find him. And you can communicate with him.

Some features give you joy that can’t give you any other communicating app. With the “Messenger group”, you can create and add your selected friends to that group and chat with them and also make video and audio call with them. You can set their nicknames also.

Why Use Facebook Messenger For Desktop PC?

The messenger app wasn’t available for Desktops or laptops. At that time messenger can only be used on the Facebook website through an internet browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. It was only used on mobile, tablets, and these types of things.

But now you have a great opportunity. Facebook has recently published a messenger app for Windows users. With this published messenger you can enjoy every feature which you can enjoy on your phone and tablets. Let’s know how to install messenger on a PC.

Before, we said messenger is the fastest communication app in this generation. If you have a good internet connection, you can make audio and video calls without any buffering with a person who states another side of the earth. So, your PC can be a place where you can get advanced quality communication features.

You can send files and images to your friend and foes. If you want to share your class assignment with friends. If you get it on your PC, then you don’t need to use another device for the contact.

Without sending texts, photos, and videos you can also make audio and video calls. We can make calls with others at any time, anywhere and anyone by using this messenger. And we don’t need to pay for any calls or sharing videos and texts.

We can make a group of our friends. And we could able to engage with everyone at a single moment. If we want to share our speech with our friends we can make a group call and we will tell to everyone. This thing we can do with this app.

And the other thing this facility only can use the U.S. people. They can transfer money by messenger. It’s a big facility for them.

There are many positive sides of messenger that help us to communicate with others easily. That’s why we should use this app. In this modern time, the messenger is very much important to us.

Features of Facebook Messenger

In messenger, some extra features separate it from other communication apps. Those features we wrote down below make awesome from other apps. Those are,

Enjoy Videos With Your Friends

In the upper passage, we said, you can make group video calls with this app. And you can also enjoy videos with this app by using the screen share or watch together option. Not only friends, think about your family members who are not always in touch, you can also communicate with them. you can see them and talk to each other live.

Add Nicknames

To make your messenger chat room comfortable, you can set everyone’s nicknames. Cause in your messenger there has a possibility the same name of two or three guys. You can separate them by making their different nicknames. You can call your family members which you call them in real life. So, it makes bonds stronger.

Chat Color

Many themes you will get in messenger chat rooms. You can choose different themes for different people. And every theme has its color. These attractive colors will make a beautiful thing in your eyes. You will feel that the catting or communicating is not boring anymore.


Forwarding means transferring something from one chat room to another chat room. Without any typing or copy-paste, you can forward anything to another person. Forwarding is a wonderful invention of the messenger expert developer team. Reducing wasting time is very important nowadays so this feature makes life easy and straight.


If your recipients send you several texts. You can reply to them separately with every message. Moreover, you don’t need to open or create a different chat room for a new contacting person. It is automatic. You have to just reply to the message to stay in communication.

Contact Control

­Is there someone who bothers you through messenger? You can block that person immediately in messenger. So, no more irritation from the disturbance. Besides that, the messenger is safe from hacking and interruption from others. You can report and block any of the contacts.

How to Download and Install Facebook Messenger on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC? by using this link, you can download easily a messenger app for your desktop. We will show you every step of the installation of this messenger.

Step 1: On the search bar of the browser set the following link and press enter key from your keyboard to visit the Messenger download on your pc.

Step 2: Then you will see a new page arrive which title is “Go Big With Messenger“.

On this page, there has a button named “Download for Windows“. You will click on that. There we set an image for your help.

Facebook Messenger download page

Step 3: After that, you will see messenger downloading from your browser. The image is here for your understanding.

Facebook Messenger installation file download for pc

Step 4: When the downloading is complete, open the downloaded .exe file.

Step 5: Now messenger app is automatically installed. This form should be like this picture.

Facebook Messenger desktop installing on pc

Step 6: You will find the interface where you will get the button colled “Log in with Facebook”. Click the button to log in to interface with Facebook. In below picture will show you.

Facebook Messenger desktop login with facebook

Step 7: After that, you will get a place where you have to fill with a valid email and password which is for your Facebook. Then click the “Log In” button. It brings you to the next page. Image for your clarification.

Facebook Messenger account sign in

Step 8: Now you will get the page where you will find the button “Open messenger desktop“. It wants your permission to log in with a certain account. If it is right then, click that button.

Facebook Messenger Open messenger desktop

Step 9: Finally, you will see the home page of the messenger. This home page looks like the one down below.

Facebook Messenger use on Desktop PC

That’s how your app is ready for your use. Now enjoy your app!

How to get Messenger For Windows 10 from Microsoft Store?

There is another way to get the messenger app. By Microsoft store, you can also get messenger. We show you some steps to follow, Follow our steps that will help you.

Step 1: First of all, visit this link to get Facebook Messenger from Microsoft Store. After visiting the link, You will get a page like the below. And there is a marked button. You will click on that.

get Facebook Messenger from Microsoft Store

Step 2: After tapping on that button Microsoft store opens by itself. Now you will click on the Install button. If your internet connection is smooth, it will not take a longer time to download.

Facebook Messenger get button Microsoft store

Step 3: After installation, you will see another page will arrive. There has a launch button press on it.

Step 4: Now you will see a sign-in page. Wants to sign in with your Facebook account. Now Tap on that.

Step 5: Finally you will see the main page of the messenger.

Now, enjoy your messenger. Get chatting with your friends and family members whom you want.


1. Is there a Facebook Messenger app for PC?

Answer: Yes you can download and install the Facebook messenger app for PC. Facebook Messenger for PC is different from the smartphone version.

2. Is Messenger for Desktop safe to install?

Answer: Yes, Messenger is perfectly safe for your PC. You don’t have to worry about installing it on your PC.

3. Can I use Messenger without Facebook?

Answer: Yes, for desktop and laptop you can get the Facebook messages through the messenger without Facebook at Also, On Mac, you can do that with the other app.

4. Is Messenger for Desktop free?

Answer: Yes, Messenger is free for the desktop version.

5. Does messenger use your mobile number?

Answer: Messenger does not use your mobile number. It only uses your Facebook account.

Final Word

The best communicating app is messenger, we assure you. And the messenger is secure for everyone. Your information will be kept safe by messenger. Messenger is one thing that will make you happy. You should use Messenger for your PC to avoid being backdated and naïve. So, don’t be late. Install Messenger.

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